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All or Nothing - Mikel Arteta ( and Arsenal ) - Amazon Prime

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This Newcastle game is really one of kind. Rarely seen a team get bullied this much... From the first minute until the last it was a total domination/humiliation by Newcastle. Still can't believe what happened that day. The whole team froze.

There was little hope for a result with the likes of Nuno, Cedric and Elneny playing heavy minutes but still the gap with Newcastle who had nothing to play for was shocking.


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On Laca...maybe he meant the part that would surprise us, was when Arteta asked him if he preferred the "journey" or the "destination", and he said destination.

I was shocked by that, would have bet on him saying doughnuts.

Also @A__G thanks for warning me about FK, but were was my heads up on Tory Jennings being on this ffs 🤬
I hated that part… journey or destination you give me 2 choices in a question and the correct answer is something outside of that you can piss off forever


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Bit disappointed with the series. This was really 90% about Arteta team talks. Would have been nice to see more focus on the players and also the questionable tactics.

I remember the Sp**s' one they spent quite some time with guys like Danny Rose, Ndombele or even Alli with 1 to 1 talk with the coach (rather than random coaching staff dudes) etc...

Also for every loss the blame is put on the players. No mention of Mikel's errors, letting players go in January, relying on Cedric and Nuno, playing Xhaka as left back, no explanation from Auba etc...

Bit of propaganda to say the least.


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Painful ending but great watch.
Now everyone will see what I always knew, what a brilliant and fantastic leader and character Xhaka is.

In my opinion, biggest stock rises as a result of the documentary:

Josh Kroenke
All coaching staff featured

Stock decreases:

Holding was asked why he’s always so happy all the time and his response was “I get paid loads of money to play football”. Not too long after costing us the derby too. What a git.
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