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AM Euros Draft Results: Group A

Rex Stone

Long live the fighters
Trusted ⭐

Country: Wales
So let’s get into it…

In group A the drawn has thrown up some tasty clashes…

First team up is @Riou and @Sanchez11

As we know from the draft when @Riou specifically requested a randomiser ignoring his own teammate’s suggestion he’s the one calling the shots. As such it needs a team to reflect his leadership and assertiveness…

Of course it’s…

Norn Iron


Rex Stone

Long live the fighters
Trusted ⭐

Country: Wales
Andddd the final team in Group A is…..

@A_G and @Blood on the Tracks

As we all know AM’s self proclaimed “Tommy Robinson” @Blood on the Tracks is all about his homeland. St George’s cross on the car and brown sauce as spicy as it gets.

No messing about here he’s been given…

The European country with the highest number of migrants to the UK




Sapient Hawk

Destiny's Hand 🖐🏿
Trusted ⭐

Country: Saudi Arabia
Next up @Sapient Hawk and @Paperino

Let’s be real… when you look down the team list there’s not a lot of quality here at all. One half of the team was trying their heart out though and if you want an overachieving underdog who better than a minnow who got a result against the Germans in 2004…


View attachment 25230

View attachment 25229

I love the fact you're not mincing words & you're saying outright that @Paperino is the one putting in the effort :lol:


Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you"

Country: Kosova

Next team out the hat is @albakos and @db10_therza



Definitely the best team of this group. And btw, that photo is from our winner against Romania of @A_G and @Blood on the Tracks in Euro 2016.

As clear group winner, who are we facing in the semifinal @Rex Stone :popcorn:

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