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If we've got Sambi why do we need another guy who will also need to develop quite heavily before he's real first 11 material?

He may be a great player in 3-4 years time, who knows, but we've already got a project in Sambi. We need to bring in someone ready to hit the ground running really.
It might be similar to Saliba or even Vieira. They identify someone who they think will be a top player, and buy him before he is out of reach.

We just have to hope the payment structure is similar to Saliba, was it like 7 installments? This way our transfer budget doesn't necessarily take a huge hit at all. And what I suppose it will be like, because we have examples of them doing this.


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This is a Mo replacement, loan back for the season.
A full season at Ligue 1 might do it. It helped Saliba too.

Of course midfield is a tough position to master for young players, so not sure if he is EPL ready next year.

This time I hope they do a 6 year deal if the deal happens. Because Saliba having 2 years left is in no way good planning.

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Tielemans has always been one of Belgium's best talents, so it's no shame to be a bit worse rated than him.

Monaco paid Anderlecht 25 million euros in 2017 while we paid 17,5 million euros according to Transfermarkt in 2021. Nowadays players are more expensive so take that also into account.
Tielemans was soooo highly rated though. I guess 17m euros isn’t terrible but we defo paid 100% of the possible value they could have extracted for him imo.


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City just one similar to this, they just bought a Brazilian winger with Troyes isn't it? It's ok to keep getting young promises and loan them. If they don't work you can recoup the money easily if you don't give them super high salaries like we did with Eddie.


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This guy is pretty versatile and can play in defence as well as being good on both feet. I would absolutely love it if we had him to our squad. We need more steel in our physically weak team overall.


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Don't really understand this otherwise than going in for Saliba type talent and loaning him.

Lille paid 7 million euros for him a year ago and he has contract until 2026. So it's not going to be cheap for a young talent who won't likely go into 1st team.

Btw. Pretty silly to read these comments about Sambi being a flop already, it was his first season in EPL and he doesn't have that much experience at men's games.
Sambi played over 100 pro games and turns 23 in October. If he doesn't perform next season he probably won't ever be good enough for Arsenal.


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He looks like serious talent tbh. Just 20 and playing at very high level. Lille fans in their forum saying he will bring in huge bid and a lot of money


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Sambi played over 100 pro games and turns 23 in October. If he doesn't perform next season he probably won't ever be good enough for Arsenal.
About 57 full 90 minutes games in Belgium top league level. That's two full seasons basically. So not much.


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This thread is disastrous. People outdoing each other in their assessments never having seen him play, add a dash of latent racism - classic AM
Come on, anyone who was around when we had Vieira can surely be excused for going weak whenever we’re linked to a huge lad with those African genetics. Arsenal fans will still be talking about finding ‘the new Vieira’ even in the unlikely event of actually finding a guy as imposing and brilliant, because they’ll never be another Vieira. It’s the search for the holy grail


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El neny is better than lokonga though
I've never understood the hatred for our own players by our own fans! Its okay for guys to slack them after a bad performance but for someone to go as far as saying Hojberg is better than Partey is a bit too clueless for me!
I wonder what "Arsenal fans" would say of Henderson if he was an Arsenal player! Just how much of an improvement is he from someone like Elneny?
Look at how much hate Xhaka gets!

At some point, folks should just change the clubs they support. This whining is sickening ffs!

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