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    Here we are again boys at the start of a new season. We all have our hopes and dreams of what we will accomplish. We know our weaknesses and our strengths. We know that a win on Sunday will be vital to our chances, a loss and the knives will come out, a scapegoat usually in the form of one our of keepers or Diaby will be found. We will hear the laughs ringing out from Anfield to Manchester to Tottenham to West London and back, if we win and win in style it signals our intent, a sign of things to come. On a personal level it's an important week for me, Arsenal play this week and my examination results will be out then I have to go for an Interview at a new school, talk about a life defining week.

    We know about our keepers but the word is that Wenger has been trying like a madman to find one. Bids for the likes of Reina, Scwarzher, Marchetti,Given and Joe Hart have all been rejected and Wenger has been lavishing Fabianski in praise with some pundits and reporters saying that he will start at Anfield and if so, God help us all. This is Wenger's last chance, his most important season as our boss, if we fail he has to go, if he succeed chants of "There's only one Arsène Wenger" will ring out louder than ever before but rest assured whatever happens Wenger will always be a legend here no one can take that away from him.

    Our main rivals, the two that finished ahead of us have moved sideways instead of strengthening. Chelsea have bought Benayoun and Ramires will probably come but they have let go of Ballack, Joe Cole, Carvalho, Belleti and Deco all of them except Deco and Belleti were first teamers. Chelsea are looking to promote their youth players instead, time will tell how the youngsters settle in. Manchester United have bought Hernandez, Smalling and Bebe while they have let go of Ben Foster who in all honesty won't be a big loss. Our rivals have stagnated and if there was ever a time for Wenger to bring in proper reinforcements it's now.

    I look forward to the new season with a degree of optimism, a ray of hope and I'm ready to embark on this journey with my fellow Arsenal fans

    All is not loss on the goalkeeper front though. Sczezny is the new hope.

    Bring on Liverpool!

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