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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by lewdikris, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. Adam

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    The only problem is the flanks - we do not have as good as defenders as Milan there (in Pancaro and Cafu) while Madrid's system leaves them very much vulnerable anyway. I'd even say Depors joy against Milan came down the flanks, and in the Premiership - teams play typical 4-4-2's with wingers in most cases.
  2. lewdikris

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    That's where the Seedorf's and Pirlo's take up the burden for Milan. I don;t think it's that hard to work, you just need the right players there - Edu and Clichy can definitely take on that burden on the left, it's just a question who does it on the right. Hard workers needed....
  3. Adam

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    With the great full backs who can dominate the sides.

    It's definitely an interesting tactic, and it is pretty much what Pires does in the second half of some matches - come central and start to dictate. In the first half it can be a bit risky. Our formation is pretty fluid as it is, and already constantly adaptable when on the pitch. Whoever makes a run is covered.

    Freddie tucks in a bit and sacrifices his own offensive movement for the likes of Pires and Henry. Freddie also chooses the right movement to make a run so as to create space and occupy defenders. The players have this movement within our current system which may mean any transition to a 4-3-3 is actually quite similar. We have just developed a less obvious 4-3-3, and a way of covering the defensive frailty - adding more solidarity. The players actually form what they want to, when they want to - with their movement, and they cover brilliantly.

    Freddie can pretty much act as a Gattuso who also provides great movement to add when needed up front, Pires is our Kaka, and Vieira our Pirlo. Edu our Seedorf! .... Reyes is our Inzaghi or Raul and Henry our Sheva or Ronaldo!

    Our passing and movement will always remain unique, but if we have the individuals in the right positions and roles within that - which when Reyes is at full swing might happen; then it could work very, very well.

    You would have to say the players must fit their role, and Freddie might not have the defensive bite, or Edu the pace and stamina to keep covering Cole!
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    I think everyone is getting lost in positioning a player, when in fact it matters little for attacking players in a counter attacking team. If our wingers and strikers were more static, then we would be looking at an issue for our attacking players but were too fluidic for that. Our attackers drift all over the place - how many times have you seen Ashley floating on the right? Not always but a number of times.

    The question is not where does Bentley play but where does Bentley play best. I think he's more of a wing player, be it left or right as he has shown promise in both positions. I can't see him as a hole player as yet though because he has lots of pace and that incisive touch should be left to our more technical players. Bentley has a while to go before he has that technical reading of the game he is a wing man. Our hole is for our more deadlier attackers.

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