- Are you worried about Robin Van Persie?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by >YounGunner<, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. gun4glory

    gun4glory New Member

    His injury is being blown out of proportion imo... its is his 1st since joining arsenal... and **** happenes.. he'll be alright imo...

    Funny thing really, the only person this season who has been fit ALL season this season is the player we expected to be out 1st... Fabregas!
  2. JML

    JML New Member

    If he were about 10 years older, then the minor injuries he suffers would concern me, but he's 22. As alot of people said, he's still getting used to English football. From what I've seen, the Eerste Divisie and Eredivisie are alot less physical and a little bit more finesse than the Premiership. He'll adapt.
  3. gun4glory

    gun4glory New Member

    RvP to top the dutch all-time scoring charts by July 9th??

  4. ccc

    ccc New Member

    yeah, that's what I gonna say. but I still think it would do harm to him physically if playing too much at his age though the hurt may be invisible.
  5. f4evo

    f4evo New Member

    40 goals before now and then :D

    even though van persie is a regular as a winger, i would like to see him replace vanhorsetoy as a striker
  6. choi12911

    choi12911 New Member

    I kind of agree. Whenever Van Persie scores the first goal, you know Henry won't stop until he gets himself 2 goals. If Van Persie gets 2 goals, Henry will go for the hattrick. :)
  7. ccc

    ccc New Member

    yeah, I've noticed that henry scored in every game that robin scored if both of them played

    newcastle, home
    sunderland, home
    sparta, home
    wigan, away
    blackburn, home

    I'd enjoy the scoring compitition between them.
  8. andyswafc

    andyswafc New Member

    Not worried bout RVP yet, think its careful protection from Mr Wenger, thats all.
  9. GunnerGirl

    GunnerGirl New Member

    He's fit to play against Everton, thank God for that.
    Hopefully he won't get any injuries in that game!
  10. >YounGunner<

    >YounGunner< New Member

    He needs to rip up his addidas contract and wear Henrys new Vipors they are good for the toes.

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