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Arne Slot’s Liverpool

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Find him (and Pep) two of the most unlikable managers ever, tbh.

Least when Ferguson and Wenger where top dogs in England, they were up front with how much they disliked eachother...some honour in that.

Baldy and Mr Homeless will act like they are praising you, just to hit you with some Mean Girls-esque comment behind your back...no wonder no one likes the Prem now when these two are the figureheads off it, ffs.

Ferguson v Wenger (with Mourinho ****ing about in there too) was the peak of the Prem, not these days...and don't give him 99 and 97 point totals, means **** all.

Every other "top side" (bar us recently) were woeful in the 2017-2022 period, so of course the only two good teams in the Prem then should be beating everyone else and have high tallies.

Give me an actual strong league that you win on 70 something points and most teams are actually quality, over this farmer league bollocks since 2017.

Thanks for beating Sp**s in the Champions League final Klopp, **** off now though.


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Personally won’t miss him, I have him pegged as somewhat of a ******. When his mask slips he can be really unpleasant


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@Tir Na Nog good thing he decided to leave before this came out and he had a bad result
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Klopp went from a title race to singing the next managers name on the final day 😂

Guy clearly wants to pack his bags ASAP and get out of Merseyside.

He was done and checked out by end of the last year. Managing on fumes this year.

He is going to be all veneers for the next coming weeks.


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Absolute weirdo this guy. Incredible that he's getting no criticism at all for a truly pathetic bottle job post-Christmas.

They bottled and he somewhat lost the locker room for a period.

Started in the FA Cup match vs United really. Their best football was after their loss to us and through the league cup.

He did what Arteta did not do: Go back and play his favorites who recovered from injury instead of sticking with the hot hand. That is why they bottled.

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Banter aside Klopp is amazing manager he taken Liverpool from midtable to one of best teams in Europe he definitely deserved another PL trophy at least again he fallen victim of 115 just like what happening with Mikel.

I'm interested where he'll go next he gonna take a break maybe one season


In The Winchester, Waiting For This To Blow Over

Country: Northern Ireland
Klopp is arguably a bigger tw8t than Pep, which takes some doing...those remarks are insane.

Hope I never see him manage again, tbh.

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