"Arsène the top man for the Manschaft": Franz Beck

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by kluivert, Jul 3, 2004.

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    translation please
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    The name of the French manager Arsène Wenger crops up more and more often in conversations concerning finding successors to certain sacked or resigning coaches following the performance of their teams at euro 2004.

    On Friday evening, Franz Beckenbauer, President of the committee for organizing the 2006 world cup in Germany, also expressed, in Lisbon where he will attend the final of Euro 2004 on Sunday, his admiration for the manager of the gunners.

    “The management of the German federation must reconvene on Monday to try to find the suitable person to succeed Rudi Voller as manager. Why not consider a foreign manager?” Beckenbauer suggested.

    Expanding upon this idea he suggested two names, Wenger and the Dutchman Guus Hiddink. “They are both celebrated coaches and both speak German” he noted.

    Earlier, Didier Deschamps, current manager of Monaco, has suggested that Wenger should follow Santini as coach of the French national team. According to Deschamps he would be the only person who could be appointed with unanimous support.
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    They. Wish.
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    Do they think that a French or a Dutch coach will be the coach of Germany :lol:

    I know for sure that if Hiddink will take that job that he can't visit Holland anymore because everybody hates him then. It think that it's the same with Arsène.

    Beside that, Arsène will never coach a team who is worse than Arsenal
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    what an appealing prospect manager of Germany must be to Wenger.

    Crap players who he sees once a month at best for less money than he gets at Arsenal, and only fielding a team in a competitive match once in a blue moon.
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    :lol: The idea of a coach as involved as Arsène coaching a national side is mental, isn't it?
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    It will never happen! :whistling
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    Guus Hiddink won't leave PSV Eindohven. Maybe we'll see Jean Tigana coaching Germany and Laurent Blanc for France.
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    yeah, dream on ;D

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