Arséne Wenger: 20 Years and Counting

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Arsenal1508, Aug 16, 2013.

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  1. Arsenal1508

    Arsenal1508 New Member

    Too much negativity towards Wenger for my liking. There is noone that could have pulled us over the Emirates stadium hurdle and kept us competitive like he has done.

    People get mad at him for not spending on transfers, but there is still time left. I still think we are a legitimate title contender ahead of even Manchester City this season. Our squad is together and our defense pairing is top notch...which has always been our achilles heel.

    People lambast him for not winning trophies...but every smart football supporter knows that winning those small trophies like FA Cup/League Cup only would be appreciated if we were winning the league title or CL at the same time.

    Nobody would ever base a successful season simply winning FA/League Cup. That has never been our aim...that is just a bonus after we win the title.

    We're trying to become title threats. I think the media has it in for us for criticising the way we do our business. Atleast we've been sensible throughout the years and haven't bought a trophy. The same can't be said about Man City and Chelsea. Manchester United competed on spending because of their stadium and commericial deals...we're 2nd to them in that direction, but I think our ultimate goal is to surpass them.

    When we win our first title after the long hiatus...we won't look back, because we'll keep on winning. Thank god we've got Wenger, and not somebody that would destroy our image like Redknapp.

    Liverpool and Spurs would love to be in our position. We really have a quality team and a Suarez type player from being legit threats to scare the rest of Europe. We've got the money...lets see if we can convince some teams to let go of their "big" players. It doesn't always have to be the obvious...they just need to get the job done when they're here.
  2. trunks206

    trunks206 New Member

    I wanted to stop reading after you said we have a legitimate shot at the title, even ahead of City :lol: but I gave you the benefit of the doubt and kept reading.

    Fair points mate and credit to you trying to bring some positivity to the forum!

    However with that said yes almost everyone has been pretty negative, myself included, and man this his so foreign to me...I want to believe in this club and Wenger right now, I mean the season starts tomorrow FFS, but man is it hard. I have always been a big supporter of Wenger in the past but I feel like I've been broken this summer. I just don't see it coming off this summer/or season like how we want it to or more specifically how we were sold it would at the start of the summer.

    Uncertainty and change all around us, finally have a settled squad, money to spend, and spaces cleared for new players with the departures of loads of crap and.....we've done nothing...

    Credit to Arséne, he has done wonderful things in the past in terms of trophies, and he's done a fantastic job in keeping us in the top 4 given the limited resources we've had, but unless there's a end in sight and we look to push on whats the point of all those sacrifices?

    We know its in there, a winner is in there somewhere, but I don't know where its gone and where his mind is at these days.

    I hope he gets that fire back ASAP because nothing will be better than seeing Arséne happy again as he lifts a major trophy for AFC.
  3. Arsenal1508

    Arsenal1508 New Member

    I just got tired of all this negativity. Season starts tomorrow and I think we'll start with a bang.

    Like Wenger said, our squad is thin. However, that first choice 11 is pretty strong. I get we'll get injuries like always, but this season seems a bit different to me going in. I feel we've got a legit shot unlike the prior seasons.

    We've become more disciplined as a unit...not just the central midfield. Our defense goes right through to the strikers in Podolksi and Giroud. Yes, we need a number 10 type player in Suarez as even a striker like Giroud if he goes on a hot patch probably will dip in form at some point. That is when we need someone to step up. Who will it be, I'm not so sure. I don't think it's the obvious name the media are bragging about.

    As far as defensive midfield, I think we dodged a bullet with Gustavo. We need another combo player perhaps. This team is not set up with no need for a strictly defensive midfield. We need all our players to provide attacking threat aswell as defensive one.

    I think Wenger has gotten a large encouragment from the end of season form and the recent win at Man City. He knows we need a player or two more, but nothing drastic to change the structure of our already fine team.

    Will we buy that tailsman or will he be born from within our current team? Season starts tomorrow so we'll get the first sign.
  4. VAVAVOOM 14

    VAVAVOOM 14 New Member

    We must have different definitions of "competitive" , I don't consider 3rd and 4th to be so.

    4 trophies to compete for every year, we've won none in 8 years: 0 for 32 is quite abysmal.

    What makes you think we'll keep on winning? Wenger has never defended a league title.

    More importantly, there's no guarantee we'll win the league anytime soon as it is, try to spin it whatever way you like but we've become an average team and the status of the club has plummeted, thats evident in our failure to attract big names anymore.

    Wenger and co. were content with scraping top 4 for too long, they were too arrogant, they invested in the notion that our reputation would always pull us through and have us on par with the big boys in terms of drawing power, well, thats not the case anymore.

    The game has evolved and we as a club have regressed, we're being left behind. God forbid we ever drop out of our coveted 4th place, that could really spell the end of Arsenal for many years to come.
  5. Arsenal1508

    Arsenal1508 New Member

    Listen it's either the title/CL or the season is a failure. Ensuring we get 4th give us another chance to win one or the other competition every season.

    Competitive means we're in within a chance and atleast make it into the Champions League...we've done that with limited resources. That should be an accomplishment in it's own right.

    I personally don't care too much about the League Cup/FA Cup unless we're winning the tile or Champions League. Why? Because there will abe always those that criticise how we'd focus on the small competitions but forgot about our true ambition.

    We are a big club no matter what the Liverpool media try to proclaim that we're not.

    Wenger has done it the right way and gets criticised. We'll be vindicated...keep the faith.
    Morinhio and Mancini did it the wrong way and got praised.
  6. VAVAVOOM 14

    VAVAVOOM 14 New Member

    A cup is a cup, beggars can't be choosers. Having endured a barren spell for nigh a decade we're in no position to turn our noses up at anything.

    Remember, the last trophy we won was the FA Cup in 2005 and no one considers that triumph a small feat, that is a validated victory.

    To be fair, Mourinho did win the CL with Porto which is a stunning achievement. Say what you want but he's won everywhere he has gone: he awoke Chelsea from their slumber, won with Inter, and even managed to wrestle La Liga away from the greatest club team of all time. That takes talent, not just money.
  7. Arsenal1508

    Arsenal1508 New Member

    Srew that mentatility...because winning an FA Cup/League Cup won't stop people like you finding reasons to criticise Wenger even more.

    Again I stress...the FA Cup/League Cup is only worth it when we're doing a double with the League or CL trophy.

    Other than that, we'd get criticised.
  8. FinnGooner

    FinnGooner Well-Known Member

    I'm fine with people being positive but I'm really annoyed by the fact that if you're not positive, it's as if you choose to be pessimistic!

    It is not my fücking fault that I've lost my faith in Wenger. It's his. It's not like I've been waiting for him to fück up so I can turn against him! The way things are going at this club completely justify my anger towards Wenger. He has failed time and time again to get Arsenal back to the level it belongs to, thus failing tonkeep his promises. Meanwhile, I pay more and more for the tickets and memberships so excuse me if I don't involuntarily force myself to be optimistic about the way this club is being run.

    And one more thing: all the people who feel need to defend Wenger, stop citing his past achievments. We all know what he has done for the club in the past. Nobody is denying that. His time is up, though, and it's time to move on. It's not the end of the world, it's not like I'm demanding a death penalty for the guy, it's just that he has given everything he has to give. He hasn't been able to change when needed and he hasn't been able to put his own ego aside for the "greater good" that is the success of Arsenal as a football club. His stubborness and massive ego/self believe has brought us success in the past but now it's only hurting us. This is all only human. Surely it is not "pessimistic" and "negative" to not consider Wenger as a god-like creature but a human being?

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  9. VAVAVOOM 14

    VAVAVOOM 14 New Member

    I've always supported Wenger, I've never said he should leave.

    I just don't believe he is above reproach, the fact is even with the financial constraints he could have made a better effort these past 8 years. He is too stingy, thats indisputable.

    Besides, Wenger himself makes it virtually impossible to achieve your philosophy: you say if we don't win the PL or CL then we may as well win nothing, well the squad Wenger currently has is almost certain not to win either. We don't have the quality or depth.

    So by rights you shouldn't feign to be oblivious to Wenger's flaws and acknowledge the fact that he hasn't/isn't doing everything within his power to make us "competitive".

    The man has accumulated a substantial amount of cash "the right way" as you like to say, so why doesn't he then do the right thing and spend it?
  10. k24bfan

    k24bfan New Member

    Dear AW, Thank you for the Invincible's and the double winning sides. Along with the transition from Highbury to the Emirates. Now do one last thing and retire soon so we can move on and shape the club into a modern power house.
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  11. Salieri

    Salieri Active Member

    A silly game on twitter asking tweeps to describe Arséne Wenger with a movie title!


    in spite of his mistakes, nobody can achieve what he did in those 8 barren years, and I appreciate that.
  12. Anzac

    Anzac Active Member

    So are we then to discount '71 or AW's 2 Domestic Doubles?

    IMO such talk re the EPL/CL or bust smacks of elitism that is simply un founded at this club as we DON'T try to win either other than by doing things HIS way. ATM we do little more than participate.

    One of the longest running criticisms of AW alongside finances has been his inability to win the games that actually matter, the clutch games in the EPL or CL, the Cup games. The results v Barca or Bayern are anomalies & the Bayern & Milan results were effectively 'dead rubbers'.
  13. Anzac

    Anzac Active Member

    As for AW = thanks for the memories.

    You gave us some of the best quality entertaining football seen in England during The Highbury Years and helped the EPL become what it is today.
    You've developed/finished players who have helped redefine roles and tactics.
    Since the move you've done a helluva job in maintaining top4 when the club business model essentially 'failed' as we waited/stagnated a decade for the new primary deals and revenues.
    AW WAS the 'right man' for the transition.

    Be that as it may then the time is NOW to take the NEXT step.

    Now IS the time to show we ARE a modern Super Club ON as well as OFF the pitch.
    Now is the time for us to draw the line in the sand and say 'our new history and success starts here & NOW'.
    NOW is the time to emphatically show BR & LFC that they are NOT and will NEVER be our rivals again, and that Spuds WILL forever be in our shadow.
    Now is the time for the Euro Elite to be very afraid.
    Now is the time for the team success to come before the individuals.
    Now is the time for ambition, the time for deeds to talk louder than words, to stand up and be counted.
    Now is the time to be the manager rather than the quasi DoF / guardian / pseudo parent.

    Now is the time for a parting of the ways if you are not prepared to be that leader, and we'll do so with no regrets and with a tear in our eye,
    and say our farewells with the sounds of 'My Way' ringing out across the PA at The Emirates as you take you final bow.

    But now IS the time....
  14. VAVAVOOM 14

    VAVAVOOM 14 New Member

    Jack Wilshere also seems to disagree with you mate....

    "We understand the fans' frustration, because we care as well," he added. "Arsenal used to be a team that won everything, you know – trophies and titles, but now we haven't won anything for eight years, so we know what we have to do.

    "It is time to start producing trophies and being closer to the top of the league at the end of the season.

    "We should never be losing games (Bradford) like that, but this year we have to get over that, grow up a bit and realise that we need a trophy – Arsenal's too good not to be winning trophies.

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... glory.html</a>
  15. Salieri

    Salieri Active Member

  16. Salieri

    Salieri Active Member

    I really want him to leave, but not before he wins the league and/or CL with us. I am conflicted. Always said I will refrain from totally wanting him out till he gets the chance to spend like the other big clubs. And thought this summer is the start of something beautiful. New dawn, new day, and the sun will be shining on AFC once more. We deserve it after what we went through of tough losses of players and trophies, Wenger deserves it the most. And that's the highest level of appreciation I can give him....not wanting him out before winning a trophy again!
  17. law90026

    law90026 Well-Known Member

    Just another indication of how, for some fans, it's Arséne FC rather than Arsenal FC.
  18. say yes

    say yes "No"

    :lol: :lol:

    Yeah it's all a big media conspiracy. I was perfectly happy with our transfer dealing this year until I read what they said about in the Times. :roll:
  19. Cruisio

    Cruisio Well-Known Member

    This, this and this again

    I've said it for ages now, it seems that some people have become so comfortable with Wenger as manager that the idea of him not being the manager anymore truly makes them s**t themselves. I support Arsenal and I always will, Wenger won't always be here and he wasn't here for a long time so for me it's a case of "what are you doing to help my football club"

    He'll always be a legend for what he's done for us as a club, but for the past few years his actions have hindered us rather than helped us. Now, if this was the case for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years then of course you give the man time to turn things around....but it's been 8 years! Meaning he's now been unsuccessful for us for nearly as long as he was successful for us! Yes, it's been difficult to win the league against the likes of Chelsea and City, but the money excuse doesn't hide the losses to Birmingham, or Bradford, or Blackburn or the many failings against lesser sides in the league. People need to get their head around the fact that one day he WILL leave, it just should have been done a few years ago
  20. Dwangoon

    Dwangoon New Member

    His biggest achievement is actually staying as manager after being so average for so long. I can't imagine or think of another manager who could do it at currently one of the richest/biggest clubs.

    Legend come and go... Wenger could be just part of a timeline.

    He's done well given his own limitations, maybe nobody could have done it better, but without those bumps, there are perhaps people out there who could have gave Arsenal more winning competitiveness and respect.
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