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Win Arsenal 4 - 2 Leicester City | Saturday 13th August 2022 | KO: 15:00 BST

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Spirit BOMB to these Foxes. Same team as below:



Post match, Teta needs to make A-M happy and bring out the stash of Snickers & Twix for their boy Youri Michelin as a sweetener:


Got a feeling that Gabby Jesus is going to cook in this one.

I’ll say 3-0 🔴⚪
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Xhaka is a menace in advanced positions, anticipation and movement spot on.


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You can tell Dogineli got triggered so he barged Fofana in the back there. Lovely ****housery.
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Xhaka has great passing range, decent vision, probably very good technically as all our managers have played him. Problem is he's not very effective in a free role. Very limited on his weak foot.

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Mik using Xhaka like Fellaini might be the smartest tactical move he's made. Just tell him to keep getting into the box.
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