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Win Arsenal 4 - 2 Leicester City | Saturday 13th August 2022 | KO: 15:00 BST

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Spirit BOMB to these Foxes. Same team as below:



Post match, Teta needs to make A-M happy and bring out the stash of Snickers & Twix for their boy Youri Michelin as a sweetener:


Got a feeling that Gabby Jesus is going to cook in this one.

I’ll say 3-0 🔴⚪
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Can’t take Leicester lightly, they still have enough quality about them to cause us problems. Need to come flying out the traps again and really get about them. It’s a game we should win though if we’re aggressive with and without the ball. If we’re secure in possession and track the runs in behind we should take all the points. Need Jesus to get off the mark here. He’s got a great record against Leicester which bodes well.


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They should all be easier matches than Palace away, we should be looking at controlling and winning the matches well. Hopefully :pray:📿
Yep. But this is Arsenal lol.

No but Truthfully if we get maximum points here out of our first 5 fixtures it will be special. I can’t remember the last time we won our opening fixture let alone winning 5/5.


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Had a dodgy feeling about this game all week. Seems like Arsenal fans are too confident and we know how that usually ends. Yet I can’t imagine Gabby J not turning it on in his first home game.

A win here would be massive with Bournemouth and Fulham next. 🙏


I think it's ok to be over confident as a fan. Our boys are young and they trust Arteta and each other. They'll deliver (knocking on wood).
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