Arsenal agree kit deal with Adidas


Bruce Wayne
Not only are all of the kits gorgeous but the quality is so far beyond that of the Puma kits, it's a joke. The $90 replica is better quality than the Puma authentic model they were charging literally double the price for. $180 for poorly made skin tight dreck. The adidas on fields are $130 and absolutely glorious. Night and day.

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That black one are golden. Please let me print Zaha on it. Otherwise I'm gonna be a ****ing turd and praise Ronaldinho.
Also that black snap back with the golden logo in metal is out of store, anyone know where to get it? So I can bill my "friend" who stole it for a ****ing acid trip. **** u Martin.

Mrs Bergkamp

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I went in to the Adidas store in Oxford Street today. The home kit is lovely. They've done a really good job tbf. It's just a shame that we can't seem to get all the good things in place at a single moment.


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I like it now i have seen a better pic of it
I like this very much. Good design for our team, and I'd wear it myself too.


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Vinai has done a great job negotiating these deals. Too bad he wasn't negotiating when Wenger was around and too bad Wenger now we finally have a competent deal negotiator. Our step down in choice of manager is going to undo all of the good work we've done in the board room and at the executive level. As a result not is the club not moving forward its moving backwards.


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I think the third kit is the best of the lot. A bit disappointed we’ll rarely get to see it.