Arsenal agree kit deal with Adidas


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That away kit looked class against Bayern. Was all in for the home but might just get that instead. Will they have any tracksuit tops with the away kit design I wonder?


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When we were rumored to return to Adidas I said they would be absolute failures if they didn't include Wrighty in the campaign and bring back the bruised banana look. They've handled this masterfully. Puma's "promo" videos were boring as hell and showcased the clown who was in charge of designing the dreadful kits.
Any idea if this one will be released or not?


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"The 2019/20 Arsenal third kit is exclusively available in store and online from Arsenal and adidas until August 18."

Does that mean you can buy it from other places AFTER the 18th of August? Or does it mean it's only on sale until that date?! :lol: Confused!

Means it is exclusive to the Arsenal and adidas shops until the 18th, with other retailers being able to sell after that date.
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