Arsenal agree kit deal with Adidas

Let's play Aubamawang

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The blue one is fun, but I already got the blue one from this season so not likely to buy that. I really don't like that sickly yellow colour. But the home shirt... Love it.

Do I put Smith Rowe on it though? Don't really want to jinx him since other shirts have Reyes, Özil, Alexis on them. Especially with Tets in charge!


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Goddamn it, ok yeah it does look quite decent, the bastards. They should really just have the cannon on all shirts from now on, I don't see why not.


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I sill hate that they changed the direction of the cannon. I want our black 90s logo back.

Last time I bought a kit was, I think 5 years ago, I think, and I won't be buying another for the foreseeable future.


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Would have liked if the shorts colors were black really don't like it's all yellow anyway its simple and they didn't over do it like this year away kit

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