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Arsenal agree kit deal with Adidas


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What's the deal with Arsenal shop not having player shirts to sell for ages? I have tried to look for Saka shirts for some time, and they just don't have any to sell. I don't want that pink one.

They don't want money? I would assume they want to sell shirts throughout the season?

It's really weird. But whatever, I can use the money elsewhere.

Those shirts for next season are quite horrendous.


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Quite like it tbh, reminds me a lot of the 06-08 top which I thought was a great kit.

Interesting that adidas have brought back the 3 stripes going all the way down the long sleeves. Used to love that about the old 2000’s style kits.

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The home shirt is growing on me. Not as good as this season's home for me, but Ill get it.



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Home kit looks cheap and tacky

Real step down from previous kits. Hope they put more effort in next season. This has early 2000s vibes


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