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Discussion in 'Fans' started by Venice, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Venice

    Venice Member

    Hi guys, I have some questions about the match at Emirates against Chelsea.

    I'm going to spend the new year's eve in London and I'm thinking of taking advantage of the opportunity to watch the match at the stadium.
    I've never been at the Emirates, so I don't know how it works

    1) When will the tickets be available? How long should they be available?
    2) Can I buy them from Italy? If so, how?
    3) I looked at the prices, but I can't understand the sectors. Do you have a map of the stadium?

    Thanks for replies ;)
  2. Doublewinners1971

    Doublewinners1971 New Member

    I may be able to help you tickets. Depends where you want to sit and the price determines that. Longside lower which is sitting on the longside of the pitch is normally more expensive then sitting in the upper tiers.

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