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Arsenal’s head of coach and player development, Marcel Lucassen, is to leave the club, reveal Art de Roche and James McNicholas. Lucassen has been in the role since June 2018.

What was Lucassen’s job at Arsenal?
Academy manager Per Mertesacker played an integral role in his arrival having become familiar with his work with the German national team between 2008 and 2015.

The Dutchman brought the technical expertise Mertesacker was looking to instil in the club at the time.

Why has this decision been made?
The decision was made by Lucassen himself as he has resigned for personal family reasons.

Will they replace him?
Lucassen’s responsibilities will be taken on by Luke Hobbs as Head of Academy Coaching. This will cover recruitment and development.

Hobbs is no stranger to the club, taking charge of Football Operations at Hale End in July 2013.

He also had a spell as interim Academy Manager following the departure of Andries Jonker to Wolfsburg in 2017.

How does this fit into the wider restructuring?
As a personal decision from Lucassen, this won’t fit directly into the recent restructures the club have undergone.

That being said, the streamlining that has taken place over the past few months are evidence of Mikel Arteta, Edu Gaspar and Per Mertesacker’s footballing authority growing.


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It's easy to become emotional towards former player greats, but being a player and being a coach are two different things.

Quality in the former does not guarantee quality in the latter.
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Yes Robert sound bit bitter he didn't get a job at Arsenal. but we have alot of ex players here i mean our manager is ex player and our head of academy is ex arsenal player.


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He was here doing minor coaching when Wenger was here. Can’t see why he wouldn’t be considered.


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Bit of a weird one. For better or worse, we're full of ex-players at the moment. That said, given our lack of attacking quality at the moment, maybe some attack minded coaches on the staff can at least partially rectify that problem.

I was initially quite excited at the young coaches that Arteta brought into the fold but they don't seem to be making much of a positive difference.


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I feel bad for the coaches that have to work under such a clueless boss

I don't know how they don't quit. When I was in that situation, I just quit eventually.


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Arteta clearly threatened by Pires here...Robert had the better career, was the better player, is taller and more handsome...ffs Mikel :mad:

Being serious though, Pires should always have a place at this team...Bobby should be treated like Arsenal football club's family cat, whatever the man wants, he gets...always think smart players should be good coaches, and Pires was an incredibly smart he doesn't have Henry's or Bergkamp's "ego", so you imagine it would be easier for him to deal with players...would have liked to have seen him given a go.


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Does he have uefa coaching license? because if not i don't think it allowed to coach a top level club.
I don't know in what capacity, I just used to see him with the players in training vids. I could be speaking out of turn.

Also I remember Wenger making a remark very recently that the players in the premiership aren't nearly as technical today and it stood out to him when Pires did some work with them.

I doubt he would be complaining if he didn't have badges or was at least working towards them.


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Cheers for sharing, not sure how much you can read into individual coaching appointments, but I guess it's good that they are trying to understand and promote innovation from across other top level clubs


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