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Discussion in 'Fans' started by Goonie123, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Goonie123

    Goonie123 New Member

    Cheers everyone

    I am an Arsenal supporter since about 15 years and now something has happened that Germans - specifically I - would never have thought to be possible: Arsenal is playing my hometown Cologne in the UEFA Europa League.

    I have never been to the Emirates and I think this would be the perfect first time. My favourite club against the club I grew up with as a child. Good stuff. My question: How do I get tickets? I'd be willing to join as a member but that way I can only get one ticket, right?

    I'll be happy about any advise. I'm looking for 2 to a bazillion tickets.

    Have a good one
  2. Giroud12

    Giroud12 Well-Known Member

    Join as a Red member and there is a good chance you can buy tickets when the Red member ticket sales opens 1 month before the game. You will need one membership per ticket but you can buy tickets together.

    There is also a ticket exchange where season ticket holders can sell their tickets if they dont want to go.

    Another option is from ticket sites or Viagogo. There is also a twitter called Arsenal tickets or something, cant reember the handle right now.
  3. Goonie123

    Goonie123 New Member

    Thanks, @Giroud12! If I use ticket exchange, will I also need one membership per ticket? I'm already watching viagogo and similar sites, I'm just wondering if I really need to spend about 100 pounds for a match that a lot of Arsenal supporters maybe not care that much about.
  4. Giroud12

    Giroud12 Well-Known Member

    I get you, shouldnt be a problem. I can just PM you btw.
  5. Hennes

    Hennes New Member

    Hey guys!

    I do have the same "problem".
    Directly after the draw we joined as red members to get tickets. But today it's been stated that tickets will only be available for those members who joined before Friday, 12:30.

    Does anyone have two tickets left? Or any hints about how to get two authorized tickets without getting problems entering the stadium?

    It would fulfill my lifelong dream to visit that match. So I would be glad about each answer.

    Thank you and best regards
  6. New Member

    Hi guys!

    I also try to get some tickets. We get only ridiculous 2900 tickets. In Cologne would certainly be able to sell >15000 tickets. Will your season ticketholders automatically receive a ticket for the Europa League?

    Is it possible to buy tickets on the matchday for not red members, if the game isn't sold out?

    If one wants to give a ticket, I would like to take some. 2 would be ideal, but also 10 for our group.

  7. Jan

    Jan New Member

    Hey lads!

    I think you already got a good impression that this fixture isn’t a normal one for us Germans. Without exaggeration, this is the biggest match in the younger history of our club.

    But the amount of tickets we got is ridiculous compared to the demand. That’s why I am also searching for one single ticket for the Emirates. You would fulfil a long dream seeing the FC playing against such a glorious club like Arsenal. I would even offer a bed and all services for the return match here in Cologne if one could get me a ticket for the match at the Emirates.


  8. Podolski

    Podolski New Member

    Here comes the next one...
    Every real Football fan knows what a great Club Arsenal is! But: I have to admit I am also one of the problably 50.000 crazy and desperate Cologne Fans who just would do anything to see the game in London! Any idea how i could possibly get 2 tickets? You cannot imagine how much it would mean to me. In return for your help I could offer for example a free place to stay + Pub crawl (beers on me) for the return match in Cologne!! You won´t regret it!
    Of course I would also pay a good Price for any ticket but by principle I´d never pay the rip off Prices of viagogo etc even I had to wait 25 years to see Cologne playing international...Thanks for any Kind of help!
  9. prinzpoldi07

    prinzpoldi07 New Member

    Hello friends,

    I love your city and am happy to visit you.

    I come from Cologne and need tickets.
    If you can help me write me an email:

    And tell me the price. Thanks and nice greetings guys
  10. PrincePoldi10

    PrincePoldi10 New Member

    Cheers Gunners,

    I am looking for two tickets (or more) as well.

    Will invite you for some pints in London or in Frankfurt (whenever you are in this area).

    If you are not interested in this game you can make a real supporter happy and reply quick.... ;-)

    Best regards
  11. fraggle1980

    fraggle1980 New Member

    Hi Gunners

    I'm also looking for 2 cards for the game against cologne. In return I offer a free night for 2 people to the back in the beautiful cologne. Please write me a personal message if you are interested

  12. fc_cologne

    fc_cologne New Member

    Hello Gunners,

    unfortunately I did not get any tickets for the game against Cologne.
    Members can buy 4 more cards from today.
    Does anyone care to give this to me?

    Please write me a message

    Best regards
  13. Poldi-10

    Poldi-10 New Member

    Hey Gunners,

    same for me.

    I already booked flight and hotel to London and I am now looking for (probably) 1 ticket for the game. Please let me know if you can help me.

    Thank you very much in advance and best wishes,
  14. schötzefest

    schötzefest New Member

    Hey Gunners,

    I only missed 3 games in the last 5 Seasons but also didn´t get a ticket.
    If anybody could help me and get me a ticket please contact me:
    I will pay for anything and would also invite you for some beer or maybe you want to see a match in cologne?

    Thank you
  15. hennes78

    hennes78 New Member

    Hey Gunners,

    as so many I also need two tickets for the match Arsenal - Cologne next thursday - can anyone help? Arsenal members can order four more tickets, maybe that´s one option...
    I´m a season ticket holder in cologne since 20 years and after all that rainy monday nights in the second division I can´t wait for our first international match since 25 years...
    Just write if you can help - and of course, beer will be on me...

    Cheers and thanks a lot!

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