Arsenal draw Baggies in the Carling cup.

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Adam, Dec 3, 2003.

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  1. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

  2. Beany

    Beany ITK Elite

    That's got to be a good draw; only Nationwide side left in.

    If we make the semis we've got to be in with a good shout though Chelsea must be favourites based on their ability to put out a second string that would shame most prem teams.
  3. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Call me outrageous - but i believe our reserve team/youths are better. If we play a strong defence then i feel the rest of the team can more than match Chelseas reserves.
  4. Arsenal316

    Arsenal316 New Member Elite

    Lol, Arsenal I think get the best possible draw in the Quarterfinals.

    Yet another run out for the reserves. They have an incentive to play well. Cause if they don't they probably won't get a chance to play in a game of this quality for the rest of the year.

    And if we get to the finals, I still say play the reserves. It's the reserves that got us this far. And it's the reserves that'll win it or lose it for us.

    Besides, I don't think Wenger will be that disappointed that we didn't win it. :p ;D
  5. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    Yes, that game will be another good test for the youngsters.

    They should be able to beat them comfortably on current form.
  6. satan_beckham

    satan_beckham New Member

    this is the furthest we have reached in years and i really hope we can win the trophy.chelsea is not convincing in their wins only managing a 1-0 win.
  7. KoLo28

    KoLo28 New Member

    The future is bright for the Arsenal Fc, especially in the tight financial situation. Our youngsters such as clichy senderos hoyte tavlaridis fabregas bentley aliadiere combined with some experience demolished a premiership outfit, even though they are only new comers, wheres manchester united youngsters failed to beat albion a team which included Nicky Butt, Kleberson and Cristiano Ronaldo. It just goes to prove Arsenals young players are much more promising than man utds. A good future is in stall for the gunners.

    "However, for a side containing Nicky Butt, Kleberson and Cristiano Ronaldo, the defeat will have been a chastening experience and the outcome, as well as the overall performance, compared starkly with that of a similar strength Arsenal side against Wolves 24 hours previously."
  8. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    Tavlaridis is hardly young, at age 23, but you're right - the others represent a huge pool of talent which we will be able to use in coing seasons.

    Look for Aliadiere and Bentley to be given chances soon.
  9. Superdudes

    Superdudes New Member

    chances for the youngsters to shine again.. aliadere will prove that his 2 goals against wolves wasn't a one off thingy.. stack will be grabbing the chance to become second choice, behing lehmann.. though this will be difficullt when taylor is back.. senderos will continue to play beyond his age.. bentley and papa d will not want to be overshadowed.. i say, yay..
  10. gunner_11

    gunner_11 New Member

    The fact that we have gotten so far into the Carling cup is great for the young members of the squad. It enables them to have a run in the "first team" and gain much needed experience. We have some of the most promisinf youngsters in the league at the moment not plaing first team footbal. They really should breeze through it, juding by the 5-1 thrashing of Wolves. I just wish I could at least get some highlights here in Australia. Oh well, I will have to rely on you lads! ;D
  11. Exiled In Newcastle

    Exiled In Newcastle New Member

    I think there'll be less youngsters in the team for this game.

    The first too had the comfort of being at Highbury but this time we're away against a team thats in a good run. I reckon the team will probably have a backbone of 5/6 experienced players, with the rest being youngsters.
  12. Beany

    Beany ITK Elite

    I think it's funny how we've gone from

    "Arsenal have a weak squad compared to Chelski/Manure/your local pub team" to

    "Arsenal have the best crop of youngsters ever; the future's so bright they gotta wear shades" in alll of 24 hours!

  13. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    all it takes is one game, my friend, to change opinions
  14. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    kanu ali

    bentley cesc/edu parlour wiltord

    clichy keown tav/senderos hoyte? whats the news on his injury


    where is stuart taylor?

    thats the team that should play
  15. beaney

    beaney New Member Trusted

    yeah exiled's right i reckon.

    a few less youngsters in this team for the away game, although we have landed on our feet with the only 1st div team left.

    it will be a good test for them, but we will need a few experienced players to steady the ship.
  16. jeremiesgirl

    jeremiesgirl New Member

    Yes this is a good draw for Arsenal and at least we know the youngsters will have another chance to show their worth. Anyone know when tickets go on sale as I would love to go?? I guess there won't be much chance though of buying tickets, would have preferred a home draw!
  17. vin de guerre

    vin de guerre New Member

    I will be happy to agree with this once we have beaten WBA.
    But on a more positive note I reckon our "reserve" can beat more or less anyone below 3rd in EPL.
  18. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    very bold statement, do you think our reserves could beat liverpool, newcastle nd man city?. you think fabregas will be a to dominate a midfield with steven gerrard in it? the youngsters got a great win against a priemership side, but lets put it into perspective. wolves are a por side. no point getting carried away with such statements, raising the expectations on these young players beyond a reasonable level.
  19. vin de guerre

    vin de guerre New Member

    I will clarify by saying on their day they can beat most EPL teams.
    I must admit I have made a wengerism there but you have the right to shoot me down! Although I still agree with Arsène's "Beautiful Wife" theory.
  20. Exiled In Newcastle

    Exiled In Newcastle New Member

    Patrick, picking up on one team you mentioned, as last night proved even a second rate pub team can beat Man City at the moment!
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