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Arsenal Dubai Training Camp


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There was similar comments made about Benik Afobe when he was 14 so you never know, but there’s no doubt these kids are special.
Yeah Wenger said some kids were technically perfect and I think he was talking about Afobe, Aneke and possibly JET


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Gabriel and Holding seeing their boy Laca here...



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Don’t we go through this with a batch of young kings every year? And how many succeeds really?

Not that I doubt your judgement, you’re basically the only one on the forum whose youth interest I trust
As always there is no guarantee, but Nwaneri and Lewis-Skelly in particular are the strongest prospects we have had in a really long time. They're already dominating well above their current level (reminder - Nwaneri is FIFTEEN. Lewis-Skelly only just turned 16 himself). There are always promising youngsters every year such is the strength of the academy, its just a matter of opportunity, timing and being able to perform under pressure. Sometimes it doesn't work out.

The 4 players I named are probably the most confident I've been in a long time, more than likes of Azeez, Patino and even Musah. Probably not since Reiss.


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Did you skip work?:)
No, I was naughty and bought the stream to watch on my phone 😭. Of what I was able to watch, we looked very good. Managed to catch most of the 2nd and I was really happy with the kids. Sousa playing LCB was very impressive. Lewis-Skelly and Nwaneri in midfield looked like they belonged at this level already. Cozier-Duberry grew into the game with some nice runs and decent work. I really want to see more of those 4 in particular vs AC Milan.


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Anyone else noticed how Hein trolls the opposition players? He's so good with his feet. This kid could definitely be a serious contender.

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Pretty good performance from what I seen.

Nice for the kids to go to Dubai rather than school.
Do they have to pay a fine when they return for taking holidays in term time? 🤔😄

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Just watched some of the first half highlights...Vieira's touch and technique are just :drool::drool:

Once he fills out he's going to be some player.


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Just watched some of the first half highlights...Vieira's touch and technique are just :drool::drool:

Once he fills out he's going to be some player.
Thought he took a bit to get into it but grew really strong by the end of the half. Definitely more low touch than Ødegaard though - although probably more to do with role.

Also thought Reiss was good again. Not a perfect game but he was trying stuff more and he knitted a few of the moves together.

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