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Arsenal Fixtures 2022-23


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I'm screwed if that Crystal Palace fixture is real, I'll be in Europe mid August for around 15 days and really wanted to go to a game but can only be in London on the third PL weekend (Aug 19-21) which would mean an away game right? Hoping for a London team at least.

Too early for midweek games too right?
So many London based teams there is a fair chance we will be in London when you're there. Failing that England is a small country just goto where we are playing and pick up a home ticket. We aren't the draw we use to be you'll get one no bother.

Tir Na Nog

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As long as it's not Liverpool or City (and more specifically away) then we've got enough time to be fully prepared and get the result. Well we had enough time last year too and still had excuses so who knows.

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Start the season with a loss while saying we are not ready. Judge us when we have all of our players

You better get your excuses ready when we go there and slap those mofos.

Probably something along the lines of Arteta got lucky, Vieira decided to throw the game, etc.

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The fixture list doesn't matter of course there will be always 2-3 months of difficult fixtures and with European football is more complicated. I don't understand what with Friday night to open the season.

Again the transfers should be done early or we again enter the season not prepared like last season.


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Very winnable games to start the season. Especially if we get our transfer business right. Think we'll win at Selhurst Park.


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Finally we benefit from Arteta’s voodoo. Not 2 big games in our first 4 like last years.

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We must not let Jamie and the other c**t laugh at us in opening day like last season. They put us on Friday because they enjoyed last season opening day so much.


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You can't be fretting over Palace away as the opening fixture ffs. Might aswell just not watch the entire season if that's where you are at. I know it's not easy but pull yourselves together.

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April is going to be fun.

Liverpool, City and West Ham away with Chelsea at home as well.
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