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Arsenal Pre-Season 2023

SA Gunner

Hates Tierney And Wants Him Sold Immediately

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Naturally there will be doubts creeping in because of last year’s preseason, and understandably so. You want to be filled with confidence early on, and with Arteta we have usually picked up the pace early and got into contention quickly.

This season looks different, but we must apply our thinking a bit more here. Sure it could be as a result of plans not working out. But it could also be stronger foundations being laid to allow us to bear fruits when it will matter.

Time will tell, and I think let’s take a leaf out of City’s on field performances. They start slow, and ease new players in… but show up when it starts to matter.

I think going full tilt for 60 games, is not something we’re ready for just yet. That could be our next level.
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