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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by M+D, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Sorry guys I was trying to find a post on Mathieu Debuchy but I couldnt find any so I though this was the best one. Just wanted to know everyone's problem with the guy? Yes he was always behind Bellerin at RB & never as good. He had a few injury problems in his time here so he couldnt do anything about that. When he played though I thought he was always very solid for us in the Cup games. I personally feel sorry for the bloke. When he was fit Wenger never even gave him a chance in the first team. He was a good back up for Bellerin I felt. If Wenger never bothered to give him a chance when he is fit what is the point in signing him? Wasted a few years of his career I felt. Sorry guys I know a few of you have got a problem with him but I never did in the games he filled in for us. Only 30 games in 3 seasons. He even thanked all the supporters for our support after he left.
  2. Aussie_gunner123

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    I probably realise not everone had an issue with him though.
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    Why doesn't Wenger think like this a little bit? What is the harm in having Nelson and Nketiah play with the U18s and reserves and then fill a squad place?

    Gary Neville criticised him...rightly so. I think Pep is right in his thinking that game time trumps a place on the bench...but kids can do both.
    I hope Wenger rethinks not having Nelson/Nketiah participate in the youth/reserve matches when 1st team matches are upcoming. He'll never play those before the senior players anyways so what is the harm.
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    Already 1:0.

    Wished they would stream more games, at least the one at home.
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    How's Holding & Mavropanos playing?
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    4:0 - Hattrick Nketiah.

    Liverpool is still losing 1:0, so we are one point behind them.
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    Building good understanding according to several tweets

    Meanwhile Lallana has been sent off for trying to strangle a Spurs' lad
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    In space of two years our academy has gone from being rather average result wise to one of the strongest in the country both on u18 and u23 level.
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    Should happen for the best of us.
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    Thank you Andries Jonker.
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    Why was Willock without number and how as he able to play like that?
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    According to Jeorge Bird, we were getting the crap kicked out of us all game physically. My guess is he needed a new shirt after some overly physical duels.
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    Haha. Willock got a hattrick of assists just like Mhkitaryan (technically). Willock is the sleeper along with Dasilva. Watch him explode when time is right.

    Smith-Rowe got an assist too.

    Also, it has gone unnoticed but Xavier Amaechi has basically become a regular already at U23 level - no doubt aided by Smith-Rowe's so far successful transition to central midfield. John-Jules already hovering around too!
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    Smith Rowe is becoming something special. I like De Bruyne comparisons.
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    Your welcome mate! :rolleyes:

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