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Arsenal T-Shirt

Ultras Store

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Hello mates,

I'm creating a Teespring Web Store called Ultras Store.
You can find us here: https://teespring.com/stores/ultrasstore

I am creating T-Shirts and Hoodies of every Premier League/Championship club and it will be inspired by club chants.

Please take a look at Arsenal T-Shirt and let me know if you like it and/or if you have any ideas/suggestions for the next design. If you buy any, I will be your biggest supporter! :)




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I just got the bruised banana shirt from 1991. When I was born in 1991, I was given one. However, it appears to be a size 3/4 boy. Now all I had to do was pay $200 for a mint condition adult one!!! It's insane. Now my nephew and I can go around matching.

I'm trying to start a retro shirt collection of my own; I just got the 98/99 home shirt, but I'm still lusting after the 94/95 and 95/96 third shirts.

Arsenal Quotes

Ian Wright was the incredible striker for whom those around him sometimes found hard to control especially the opponents. He was an extrovert, hyperactive, and had endured an extremely hard life. His playing style was instinctive, and he had that killer instinct, a player like no other.

Arsène Wenger: My Life in Red and White

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