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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by The_Roadrunner, Jan 19, 2015.

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    I'm enjoying seeing how many different setups are being proposed and they all look good to me.
    There always seem to be one elite player you'd like to see play, having to be left out (often Mkhi or Ramsey). We have a bit of depth.
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    I think your bang on if its a three man midfield.

    Makes no sense narrowing Xhakas passing angles & expecting him to be the runner. Sure he has been a liability at times but hopefully the extra man will help with this & the fact its a very good mobile tackler.

    Also less pressure on Torreira first season in a new league with a slightly freer role.
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    Not sure this is true. This was his bread and butter at Gladbach, dropping in and splitting the CBs and receiving the ball. It might not work as well if he's pressed but Torreira being capable of doing the same thing can give Xhaka more room. It definitely widens our options.
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    Which is true too I suppose. Especially when his midfield partner goes on a walkabout at the other business end of the pitch, xhaka is left alone with more than 1 opponents looking to press him once he receives the ball.

    But compared him to torreira (from compilations), I’ve noticed that torreira more often than not looks to turn or at least is geared up to take on the presser. Kind of different to the way xhaka receives passes imo.
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    Somebody I think posted this in another thread. It gives a really good perspective on Emery's use of tactics/personnel, particularly in regards to the central midfield. Obviously the players are different at Arsenal, but given the current team the evidence in this video points to a 4-3-3, with Xhaka in the Motta role, Torreira in the Verrati role, and Ramsey in the Rabiot role.

    IMO Torriera fits, but Xhaka (defensive awareness, press resistance) and Ramsey (positional discipline, technical ability) are less than ideal. Özil would also be pushed out wide, again not ideal. Lastly, aside from perhaps Mkhi Arsenal have no attackers that can take men on 1v1 like Mbappe and especially Neymar.

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    Interesting then, that we played Auba/Laca interchanging between being out wide and up front, as they can take on their man. Niles also seemed very comfortable taking on his man.

    Granted, poor level of opposition, but makes me wonder if we'll play Mkhi/Özil out wide. Yesterday seemed set up to a system where Özil could slot in the middle, with Ramsey being more disciplined than usual.
  7. TheArsenalis

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    Yeah during emeri time at psg. Draxler when used was a central AM more often. But he wasn't used very often.

    Draxler is by nature a forward. Emeri used a mid 3 of good technical players none that are out n out attacking players. All of them you can say they are central mid players, with a little bit of different things about them.
    I think emeri likes these players. Torriera is very much his type of player, in the veratti/matuidi form with high energy good passing able release players. Playing alongside motta/rabiol the calm head linking attack and defence, i can see xhaka playing that role already.

    Whats interesting is the Özil ramsey situations. How does he plan to fit them in. Will Özil be outwide or fitted in centrally? If its centrally he would have to work hard like an actually midfielder. I think ramsey is more suitable in what emeri use to using in his midfield than Özil.

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