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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by The_Roadrunner, Jan 19, 2015.

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    You summed it up well, first paragraph is Favre football elements, second paragraph is typical of the Basque school, and in the third paragraph you get the typical modern element that was born in the Spanish league and Emery had the chance to co-develop since his days at Valencia. Very sophisticated and modern management by him.
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    Really hope we stick with the 442/4222 after the international break. Looked so promising at the weekend. The main question is can we fit Özil in that formation?

    Aubameyang - Lacazette
    Mkhi/Iwobi - Xhaka - Torreira - Özil
    Monreal - Holding - Sokratis - Bellerin
    Looks like a strong side, Lacazette seemed to drop in at the weekend, making it more like a 4231 in defence.

    Still plenty of positions we can look to upgrade in that team over the next couple of transfer windows.
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    With Özil on the right not defending and Bellerin playing high up field. We will be f***d.

    Özil won't work with that formation.
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    Some interesting graphs there. Still a lot of work to do!
  7. hydrofluoric acid

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    Some great further analysis on our work under Emery. The overloads in wide areas, combined with our 4222 shape in attack.

    Some good work happening behind the scenes.
  10. ThlRama

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    Some notes from the game yesterday, which btw was our best performance under Emery in my opinion:

    Özil knows how to get the job done. When Ramsey was played as a #10, in his average position he was usually ahead of Lacazette. Özil knows where to be, just knows how to work with distances and channels, he occupies the space a #10 is supposed to occupy not just vertically, but also laterally. He dropped deep very often to collect the ball or help recycle it, despite lacking Ramsey's engine he is superior in his touch and in doing decisive, untracked bursts of movement.

    We had a bit of problem with Mkhi, because of this: Iwobi's average position was also in the middle, he didn't stick to the left at all, thus when he drifted to the right that movement had to be offset by Mkhitaryan. Problem is Mkhitaryan isn't mobile enough off the ball, he just doesn't work hard enough for an ultra fluid front four like the one we occasionally play. That is fine sometimes, like in our 4-4-2 vs. Fulham, other times, like yesterday, it isn't. Emery needs to have a certain plan about which games suit Mkhitaryan and which do not.

    And regarding Henrikh's trouble I will add this, which I have stated before: Iwobi, undroppable now, is at his best on the right. He finds his steps easier, he just comes alive without fail when he operates from there.

    With Özil centrally and on form, offering the playmaking of two players, and Iwobi on the right, Mkhitaryan should redundant. He can be on the bench to cover for either, as Aubameyang, Welbeck, and, dare I make an absurd guess, maybe even Kolasinac from the left would offer more variety and balance. Otherwise we get too much playmaking and not enough movement, workrate and intent from our AM line, both offensively and defensively. We rely too much on Bellerin to compensate for that currently and that might come back to bite us in the ass if he gets injured.
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    What happened to the Xhaka thread? I was impressed with Xhaka at left back. I never would have imagined him there. He is renowned for poorly timed tackles, can’t do one v one, and people think he is slow. He did fine. Maybe we have found ourselves a new left back in Xhaka.
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    A young M Ali tactician is our Emery. The taking punches on the ropes, dropping guard, feigning jelly legs while sussing oponent then the shuffle happens and bim bam buff, game over.
    I rate this man highly and i'm sure he has the M Tyson tactics in his locker too just for Liverpool.
    We'll revert to M Ali after cause we're Arsenal, instead of sh@tting ourselves in the 2nd half, its the 1st instead now.
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  13. Fewtch

    Fewtch Ozil at 10 And Emery Out

    Nice summary on Emery’s tactics by Tifo football
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    Not my words but i've been thinking the same. I think subs are pre planned.
    " Arsenal will be one of, if not the hardest team to beat for lower teams in the division because Arsenal's style invites teams unto them by showing glimpses of major defensive weakness. This understandably tempts teams into over committing in attack and leaving themselves exposed in behind the fullbacks. And if you are a smaller team in the Premier League, you really have no business going toe-to-toe with Arsenal no matter how inviting it may seem. Because Arsenal's forward line is far too dangerous to engage in an open end-to-end attacking match if you don't have a top 4 worthy defense with a midfield destroyer and decent full backs that have a great engine and can go the full 90 minutes. Because If you watch closely as the match goes late into the second half against every smaller team, their players are out on their feet and exhausted, especially in the fullback positions, because they've done far too much attacking and chasing back to realistically survive the second wave of attack that arrives when Unai Emery makes second half attacking subs. In a round about way, it's genius tactics from Emery. Thankfully for Arsenal, ironically, the fact that they are being so massively underrated will only make smaller teams continue to employ literally the worst possible tactic game after game, effectively handing Arsenal the 3 points before the game has even kicked off."

    Awobi and Micky played using up all energy for 45mins knowing they'd be subbed is my guess.
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    Don't know where to throw this, probably tactics talk but I am to lazy to find it.


    This was absolutely brilliant btw, linesman completely ****ed it up and so did the commentators. Every one of their players is offside.
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    Which team is this, I can't think of the jerseys haha?
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    This goal shows a bit of Emery's idea in practice when it comes to playing out from the back. Lull the opposition into pressing as you use to keeper to help play it out, then exploit the space quickly. We were criticised at the start of the season for doing it, but now we're seeing why we've stuck with it. Rome wasn't built in a day, in a world where everything is so knee-jerk, I wonder if the same pundits and media who criticised us for playing it out from the back will actually give us credit that we're making it work now? I wouldn't hold my breath.
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    Nice to see that a lot of posters want to see the no 1 benched, no 2 is off on a free to Juve this summer and the manager doesn't fancy no 3....haven't heard about a manager who doesn't want to create chances at all, yet. Will certainly be a somewhat refreshing sight.
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    Wel tbh its depressing that a left back is creating the most chances for us. Probably the reason he wants those players gone.

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