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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by The_Roadrunner, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Impact

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    Xhaka is our Jordan Henderson, isn't it? Dedicated professional, strong mentality and questionable ability.
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  2. MutableEarth

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    No dribblers, no ballers.

    Although, and it might seem a bit nuts, but hear me out.........there's a couple teenage wingers at the club. Pretty quick, apparently good at dribbling past people, and they've got decent numbers at a low level. Would be a shame if someone completely ignored them to play the same wingers with no end product...........
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  3. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

    Monumentally disrespectful to Hendo.
  4. Gamefaced

    Gamefaced Active Member

    Just having two decent wingers alone will improve our attacking play and possibly aid the defence. We would be able to push teams back with runners and dribblers rather than forcing our own full backs to overlap the whole time and use that tactic more sparingly hence our defenders not getting caught out of position so often.
    We also need more or a few central midfielders who are comfortable carrying the ball forward or past players and who have the strength to fend off players and use speed, mobility to tracker or move away from opposition players.
    We need to be able to put teams on the back foot more often than we are able to now, this alone also helps us to improve defensively, but then of course we still need a strong organiser at the back.

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