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Szczney seemed like he didn’t take it seriously tbh. Always acting a fool, being silly and doing weird sh*t in games. You could see his potential but he needed someone to set him straight instead of being a clown.
I think Woj was a product of his environment. Moving to Italy really helped him to mature as a person. Imagine having old school real alpha males like Buffon, Bonnuci etc in your dressing room. You can get away with those childish antics with Wilshere and co but no way would he be try that out in Italy. Woj genuinely seems more mature in interviews now and it’s clear t he older guys have rubbed off on him. (That last sentence sounds wrong).

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I've supported Arsenal since the early 90's and maybe it's a bit of a controversial opinion but the only world class GK we've had in that time is prime Seaman in my opinion.

Lehmann was largely very good but was too erratic to be absolutely top drawer in my eyes. He'd be my number 2 pick.

We've had plenty of good / decent keepers though, Leno, Martinez, Ospina, Szczesny, Lukic, Fabianski, Cech, who'd be in my top 10.

Leno would probably be 3 in my list right now. Can't really put Martinez that high based on 6 months, though I like him a lot. Szczesny maybe 4th. Lukic in 5th mainly for his 80's spell, from what I've seen and heard he was pretty decent, a bit less so the second time around, though he was older. After that they're much of a muchness really.

Cech is the real disappointment on the list, probably not his fault due to the skull fracture but he underwhelmed, nearer to 10 than 1 for me.

Vince Bartram and Runarsson are fighting it out for my worst Arsenal keeper. Just below Manninger, Richard Wright, Stuart Taylor and Almunia ( He's not as bad as the others but the sheer amount of games he played for us as number 1 offends me)

You can't really place them as they hardly played a game for us but shout out to the random third choice keepers we've had like Mart Poom, Rami Shabaan, Emiliano Viviano etc too :lol:

I wish I'd been around to see the likes of Pat Jennings and Bob Wilson, I'm sure they'd have placed very highly
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I don't remember Wilson but Jennings was an outstanding keeper. The first game of football I ever remember watching was a Home International between England and Northern Ireland in 1983, it finished 0-0 with Jennings at one end and Shilton at the other, both were outstanding. After that game I became a goalkeeper myself.

I would say that Jennings and Seaman would be the undisputed top 2 in my lifetime with Lehmann not far behind. I think Leno has a very good shot of taking the 4th spot on my list or even overtake Lehmann if he can stay consistent for a few seasons, he is a very decent keeper.


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Lukic was better than most of the bums in the wenger era onwards!! By the way Pat Jennings sh1ts on all of them!!


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I started following Arsenal only from the Lehmann era. Seaman should rank somewhere at the top. But specifically from the ones I have watched:
1) Lehman
2) Szczęsny
3) Martinez
4) Leno
5) Fabianski
Would never put the others anywhere close to the list.

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These four stand out and could all be trusted. I didn't see Wilson or Jennings but their status is assured by those who did. The rest gave me nightmares and even though Manninger and Woj did and are doing well at Juve, for us, they just weren't up to standard consistently. A shout out to Fabianski too who has come good elsewhere. Forgot to mention Emi M.
However, Almunia, Stuart Taylor, Richard Wright, Vito Manone, Cech, Emi Viviano, Shabbat, Poom, the list of rubbish is frightening.
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Trusted ✔️ did he ever get so many games for us. In terms of ****eness to games ratio...he must be the worst of the lot.

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