Arsenal vs Brighton/PL Matchday 38

Do you want to qualify for the Europa Conference League?

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If anyone thinks us being out of Europe means an exciting title challenge, think again. A year out of Europe will be exactly that, a year out of Europe. We'll be lucky to scrape back into the Europa League next season.

In a few seasons, unless there is a change at the top, we will all be dreaming of the Europa Conference League like we now dream of 4th place after laughing at Wenger for so many years.
Have faith, trust in Edu and Arteta, they have only been here for a year and a bit.


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Just seen Vardy's 2nd pen, nah man that's so soft. Like how are you actually supposed to be a defender these days when you've got strikers falling over like that?


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Calm day out at the Emirates!

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