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  1. Hi guys,
    Hopefully one of you can help, I've brought two tickets to see Arsenal vs Ostersund which was brought on a third party site (stupid I know) what I have actually received today are two membership cards. I am having my doubts about the legitimacy of the cards, i want to call up the membership number on the back to enquire about them but I'm afraid the card might become blocked as I'm not the owner.

    This is my first time to the Emirates, and i want to be excited rather than worry about not getting in! If someone could advise me about what to do i will be very grateful.

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    Call up the club. Just tell them you thought you were buying tickets to the game and have received two membership cards. You don't have to tell them where you got them from. Give them the membership number of the card and name if there is one and they'll confirm if they are linked to the game or not.

    If there are, then great, if not, then at least you know and it saves you the journey. I'd think they aren't genuine though but you need to check first. Don't worry too much about the cards getting blocked, just find out first if the cards are linked to the Ostersund game. You could even just call up and give the name/number of the cards and ask for them to check if they are valid for the game because you aren't sure if you bought the tickets correctly or not.

    Next time, either try and get tickets through friends/family or trusted sources or get yourself a membership card.
  3. Thanks for responding, I will indeed call the club up to check, paid an extortionate price for these tickets so hopefully it will be legit! I've learnt from my mistske and getting a membership card on payday.

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