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There is a short interview with Frida Maanum in Norwegian media today. Just use Google translate, it should give you the gist of it:

Sounds like she is enjoying her start at Arsenal.


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At least the Women can't stop winnining.

All 4 goals in the second half, Aston Villa hasn't lose the three first games and only conceded two goals.
We played very well second half. Scored 3 with Miedema off the pitch, I think. Showing the quality all over the team. We were over reliant on her goals under Joe.

This is a truly strong squad and watch McCabe's goal if you have a chance. The ability to execute that chip is ridiculous. Mana's goal also good for different reasons.

Very exciting times ahead. Can't wait for Barca game.


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Had the commentary of this on Faplayer with the men's on TV. Watched the goals and some clips afterwards.
We're really looking good this season and have the potential to be better. Hard to even pick the best XI. Iwabuchi might be my fav to watch, just so classy. Cazorla vibes.

Really looking forward to watching the Barca game on Tues. They're the best in Europe and interested to see how we do.

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Highlights of the game.

I see we play Barca next in the Champions League, this Tuesday 5 October.


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What’s going on with his leaked pictures I’ve just been sent. I’m traumatised. Terrible stuff! 🔥


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Saw a tweet that said when we first created a ladies Arsenal team, the players had to pay to play for us...mental.


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37 shots for Barca, 14 on goal. Think we can be happy with only 4 goals condeded.

The ref was dodgy.


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Miedema saved us in extratime with a header from a corner from our first possible loss in the North London Derby.

Should have been 2:0 up at halftime and Sp**s scored with their first chance in the second half. Still two points dropped, especially if you want to be ahead of Chelsea at the end of the season.

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Man the women are not letting us down but we are letting them down!

0-2 win against United.

We are cutting through the league like a hot knife through a butter at the moment!

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I didnt score as many as I hoped, but it was nice that I always scored against Tottenham

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