Arsène Wenger: My Life and Lessons In Red & White


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Can listen to Wenger's interview with Orny here.

-Really wish he revealed the members of the board that he feels were unjustly hostile towards him.

-Wenger waitin:cool:g to take a photo with the Pope while negotiating to sign Welbeck on deadline day. :rofl:

-Turned down a Cesc return because he wanted to show him that the grass isn't always greener elsewhere

Yeah I was disappointed in the bold.

There is like one line in Chapter 9 page 235 where he casually reels off "hostility from the fans and certain sections of the board" when he talks about why he left and doesn't say anything more smh

It's like what I said in my previous post, its more what he doesn't say which to me said a lot. He is clearly still hurting and trying to get used to leaving the club. His self imposed exile is part of his healing process.

Good to finally confirm why he didn't take Cesc back also, hours wasted debated with no facts.

The book wasn't the smear fest people wanted but thankfully it reminded me how much I loved the man and for that I am grateful. It actually explains way more than I expected. Excellent book.


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I got emotional listening to him on Talksport yesterday.

My respect and admiration for him will never diminish and I hope to see him back at the club and watch the team from his box.

We owe him so much and it is regrettable that he had to leave the way he did because god knows he deserved much more respect than he’s been afforded especially in the last few days.

He’ll always be the GOAT as far as I’m concerned. Much love and respect, Boss.


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I don’t know about trying to prove to him that the grass isn’t always greener either, because if anything that one backfired. It’s more like cutting your nose off to spite your face.We could definitely have done with Fabregas at the time.


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AM told me Cesc never cared about Arsenal and never wanted to return anyway... I was told that Wenger said himself that Cesc was never interested in a return and only wanted Chelsea... .Now it was Wenger who turned Cesc down :lol:
I phrased it poorly, tbf. Ornstein asked him why he didn't try to re-sign Cesc, and Wenger said "look, if you go out of here you don't come back". So he decided not to try to re-sign him:

Wenger said previously that he felt Fabregas' move to Chelsea was in the works for quite some time. I don't think he had a habit of going for players who had their heart set on a move elsewhere.


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looks delighted to meet the clown his players & ivan were leaking **** to :lol:


Ornstein has such a little slimeball face, definitely matches his character.


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I made sure to blaze through it cause there are a ton of spoilers in the Arsenal related media I consume habitually.

Will let it breathe for a couple weeks before I start openly airing my views but goes without saying essential reading for any Arsenal fan. For me it’s what he doesn’t say or barely touches on that says a lot actually. His passion for football is really driven home in this.

Just say it, it's an autobiography not Game of Thrones lmao and the simpletons on this forum probably can't read a whole book anyway.


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Even if we did want Cesc back in summer 2014, he still would have picked Chelsea...he wanted more of a guarantee of winning a league at that point.

-Wenger waiting to take a photo with the Pope while negotiating to sign Welbeck on deadline day.

Love this! :lol:

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