Arsène Wenger statue to be unveiled at the Emirates


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Would love the statue to be this...



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Need AW to return for the unveiling, take the mic and just tear through this current structure:


Would pay to see that.


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Honestly, this is one of the most deserved things ever.

Arsène is arguably the most famous player or coach, to be associated with our great club...and that's an incredible feat in itself.

He's the main reason why Arsenal have such a huge following outside of London/England too, his style is why I will always be an Arsenal fan.

Hope he attends, even if he does have issues with the board...deserves to experience all the acclaim from this.


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The only reason I'm posting this one is that I always admired the fact that there's not one drip of sweat on that blue shirt. It was a hot day and you're taking a bit of a risk wearing that colour of shirt especially if planning to hoist a trophy above your head. Thankfully Arsène wasn't a sweating mess and it all worked out well.


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