Arteta and Edu(ardo Hagn)'s Transfer Targets: January 2021

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by boonthegoon, Oct 6, 2020.


Will We Sign The Attacking Midfielder We Need?

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  1. Yes

  2. We'll Sign Someone But Not The Needed Quality (i.e Denis Suarez level signing)

  3. No

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  1. Malky

    Malky Established Member

    Sign all 3.
    Szoboszlai has a low release clause, if Celtic fail to win the league we could get Edouard for a good price and Daka - just pay what's needed.
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  2. StefanB

    StefanB Well-Known Member

    I'm not entirely sold on Lamptey yet.. he looks very promising, but for now I actually do prefer Max Aarons over Lamptey. Think he's a very good player, though I do think he's valued laughably high though..
  3. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Many Men Wish Death Upon Me

    Hopefully, after helping Aston Villa last season and giving them our best manager cheaply this summer, they give us a discount on Grealish!
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  4. drippin

    drippin Well-Known Member

    He just signed a new contract so will never be cheap, and who is this best manager you're talking about? Have you been smoking something?
  5. American_Gooner

    American_Gooner Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so. Moderator

  6. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Many Men Wish Death Upon Me

    Wow, that's a new low from you editing my posts to make me look like a fool.
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  7. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Got Swerved By Gallas Trusted

    Is Daka likely to join us will he just end up at RB Leipzig?

    Really liked Hwang and hoped we’d put in a cheeky bid but of course he goes to the other RB team.
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  8. Nenad

    Nenad Well-Known Member

    I would love to see this one day...


    + Maitland-Niles, Smith Rowe, Nketiah, Holding and Ceballos (maybe)
  9. Blood on the Tracks

    Blood on the Tracks Well-Known Member

    I think we'll see very little in terms of incomings in January. The priority has to be shifting 3-4 out.

    Still, the players we're linked to seem very exciting. Maybe we'll be able to pull one off in January
  10. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Many Men Wish Death Upon Me

    Any talented players in the Championship this season that we will ignore and not buy?
  11. Trilly

    Trilly Full-Time Respecter Of Women Trusted

    Daka is the new A-M darling it seems.

    Saw a video and he looks goood but I didn’t see enough to suggest he could do it in a bigger league. Not saying he couldn’t though but sometimes you can tell when a guy is quality irrespective of league.
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  12. PressResistance

    PressResistance Well-Known Member

    So to me it seems that we've got 2 tiers of players we're after:

    Relatively cheap and/or smaller league clubs: Daka, Szoboslai, Buendia, Benrahma, Edouard, Aarons...

    Relatively expensive but Mikel's wish: Houssem Aouar.

    That seems to me a solid batch of players to choose from. Lovely stuff.

    That could in turn make our team look something like this in a few years:



    I'd take that as a future vision of Arsenal, could be a bit better but makes sense.
  13. Makavelii

    Makavelii Well-Known Member

    Is LT Arsenal reliable?
  14. Troopz

    Troopz Established Member

    Not necessarily, I think you’re hoping he isn’t because you don’t want him to displace your boy, Lacazette :D

    I think a lot of the fans on here want Daka due to the fact that we’re usually slow on these sort of players that are on the verge of turning into quality players. BVB are fantastic at identifying these talents, they done it with Haaland, Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Dembele etc and the risk they took on those players have worked out fantastically for them.
  15. Troopz

    Troopz Established Member

    Watched a few of their games last season in the Europa League as I wanted to see if the hype around Szoboszlai was true but Hwang was the one that impressed me, he looked brilliant so I wasn’t surprised that he moved to RB Leipzig. Very smart business from them and I think we’ll see him in the PL soon especially as he’ll get more exposure when Leipzig play in the CL. I think they’ve got Utd in a few weeks.

    @Trilly RB Salzburg are in the group stages of the CL too so it’ll be interesting to see how the likes of Daka and Szoboszlai fair against Bayern Munich and Atletico. It’ll be a good test for them.
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  16. BobP

    BobP Memri Fan

    On Szoboszlai, my scouts have informed me that he only really performs when everything around him is going well.

    Super flakey.
  17. Breezy

    Breezy Well-Known Member

    He’s only 19.
  18. BobP

    BobP Memri Fan

    Saka's 19, is he flakey?
  19. Red London

    Red London Anti-Simp Culture Trusted

    Don't mind him he hates Hungarians he's biased
  20. Breezy

    Breezy Well-Known Member

    Saka isn’t a regular starter like Szoboszlai is. Just because they’re the same age doesn’t mean they develop at the same rate. Consistency usually develops with experience.
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