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Arteta’s Transfer Targets: Summer 2024

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Toneys PL proven. This Gyokeres guy has played in the championship and one season in Portugal. There’s a big difference imo.
There is, but Gyokeres was almost as good in Championship as Toney without penalties. Now he is doing almost similar output as Nunez in the same league.

There is no reason to think Gyokeres can't do what Toney or Nunez did in their first season in EPL. I'm certain he is EPL level now.

Toney would bring his current level to Arsenal, which is of course preferred to challenge faster, and less risk.


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There is, but Gyokeres was almost as good in Championship as Toney without penalties. Now he is doing almost similar output as Nunez in the same league.

There is no reason to think Gyokeres can't do what Toney or Nunez did in their first season in EPL. I'm certain he is EPL level now.

Toney would bring his current level to Arsenal, which is of course preferred to challenge faster, and less risk.
Was Nunez good buy for 85 million?


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Wasn't the point. Point was these players that went to clubs knocking about the upper mid table/fringe Europe spots 6-7 years ago are now being linked to top clubs for ridiculous fees.

Take Kolo Muani as an example. Frankfurt signed him on a free and flipped him for like £90m to PSG a year later. It's mental.

It’s pretty much always been that way though. Most top strikers worked their way up and didn’t get the big move until their mid to late 20s.

Fees have been getting out of hand in general for the last 10 years.


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His personality is what sets him apart from the other targets. Really nice guy.

Nice guy off the field but has that selfish mentality on it. You seen his celebration btw? He wants goals.


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Yeah he's having a purple patch. He's not exactly been prolific before this season.

Avoid for me.
Toney's last season in Championship in 20/21 had 22 goals without penalties. Gyokeres last season in Championship in 22/23 had 18 goals without penalties. Toney a goal per 176 minutes and Gyo a goal per 223 minutes.

Toney is two years older, so their readyness was quite equal. Both have had a great season in Championship and were quite prolific in Championship.

Solanke's best season in Championship was 25 goals without penalties. A goal per 164 minutes, but three assists less than the others. They all look quite similar level, but Gyokeres trajectory in Sporting looks pretty good.

You also have to consider that Coventry finished 5th that season, with not much scoring, so the team was likely worse than the others were.

I think I'd still prefer Toney for 50-60 million pounds.


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Probably the perfect profile for that third winger role.

Doginelli resorted to bench appearances vs tired legs as things should stand. :signing: Imagine we had Merse or Overmars in that space Nelli has, they didn't need all these conditions to thrive like Nelli is because the aforementioned two had great technical ability base and could run and move their body at the same time, Nelli cannot run with the ball and change positions, as you see've many times, he has to stop with the ball then change positions, lacks that swiftness in his waists.
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I made my "annual" transfer/squad planning post. I like to do it so I get more solid thinking, and estimation what is possible. This reinforced my thinking that Arsenal shouldn't buy Osimhen for example, who likely costs 100-120 million pounds as the release clause isn't totally public I think?

Gyokeres might be more affordable, more durable, and the "in-between" option though for Zirkzee and Osimhen, but the league isn't that good. I haven't included him here as he also seems to expensive for my thinking, but we'll see about the funds available. The enticing thing about Gyokeres is his durability like Toney's, he is two years younger than him, and has great experience from Championship and England already. I do think I would rather Gyokeres than Zirkzee, as a more experienced striker would be important for instant effect for challenging.

If you want to buy a player without triggering the clause, they usually cost more than the clause is. Same thinking is used below, where I have put 10 million euros more to the estimated fee for players who have a release clause. Not with Diomande though, as he is inexperienced and they make a huge profit in a short time frame, and he is from a worse league.

My thinking here is that when you look at the players needed, and available next summer, there are amazing deals possible. All of Frimpong, Zubimendi, Williams and Zirkzee are worth or will likely develop to a more expensive players than their price. Let's say they will easily be like 20 million euros more worth, so that makes it 80 million euros saved, and possibly more. The maximum worth that Osimhen will likely be is 150 million euros. So that's like let's say 20-30million euros saved, but he is like double more expensive. And he has also the risk of becoming injury-prone in EPL with his history, so the risk is bigger in that sense.

Arsenal has Havertz, Jesus and Trossard for false 9 and it has worked pretty well. I'd rather want Arsenal to complete the squad so injuries won't affect trophy challenges as much, than use too much money on a striker. But it all depends on the funds. It's better to buy Zirkzee & Frimpong/Williams in my opinion for the money that Osimhen would cost. These are great deals which Arsenal should take advantage of. Osimhen's wage would also be maybe equal, or more, to those two players combined.

The interesting thing is that after sales, and not even counting ESR and Patino possible sales, the spend would be like 160-190 million euros. I think that's doable with UCL money and other revenue additions, after January window with no spend.

This squad would have 24 players, with 7 HG players. Then you could keep ESR or Patino, to have a complete 25 player squad with 8 HG players. And sell the other. The new players might have less wages than the players who leave, as Elneny and Cedric also leave. I'm not 100% sure about the wages or estimations, but about so.

I like the look of this line-up! Frimpong is an amazing deal, and would be nice to have more depth in defence, and a different kind of option to use.

New players: GK 10-30 million euros, 70k

Diomande 80 million euros, 80k

Frimpong 50 million euros, 100k

Zubimendi 70 million euros, 150k

Williams 60 million euros, 150k

Zirkzee/Toney/Sesko 50-70 million euros, 150k/250k

TOTAL: 320-340 million euros, 700k-800k per week

Selling: Ramsdale 50 million euros, 100k

Nketiah 40 million euros, 100k

Partey 15 million euros, 200k

Sambi 15 million euros, 70k

Nelson 15 million euros, 80k

Tavares 10 million euros, 70k

Tierney 5 million euros, 100k

TOTAL: 150 million euros, 720k per week

ESR? Patino?

Leaving: Elneny, 70k

Cedric, 70k

Total: 140k

Squad: GK: Raya, GK, Hein?

LB: Timber, Zinchenko

RB: White, Frimpong, Tomiyasu

LCB: Gabriel, Kiwior

RCB: Saliba, Diomande

DMF: Zubimendi, Jorginho

LCM: Rice, Trossard

RCM: Ødegaard, Vieira

LW: Martinelli, Williams

RW: Saka, Jesus

ST: Zirkzee/Toney/Sesko, Havertz

HG: Raya, Hein?, White, Saliba, Rice, Martinelli, Saka, ESR?, Patino?

Like your list Drippin, and it’s hard to argue with any of it, it’s very similar to what I’d do.

Only thing I’d say is I don’t think that Arsenal will spend over €100m on another 2 defenders this summer mind you. I think they might buy another versatile defender in the €40m range, and for that reason I think Diomande might be too expensive, and I’m not sure Frimpong as an Arteta type full back, so I’m not sure who we’d target here.

Other than that i think the list as well as being your wish list is actually quite realistic as well.

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