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Got 7 accusations last 3 years. Not my fault 🤦‍♂️
at this point, I’d be suprised if he doesn’t end up on loan here this month while juve c*nts get bruno, looks more & more likely that it’s actually set up this way…
both Barca and juve fans say he is utter trash


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Thought he's looked bang average every time I've seen him play. One of these players the catalan nerds cream themselves over because he can make a million short passes in a game, but properly lacks in basically every other aspect of being a CM.


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What happened to Arthur? Wasn’t he meant to be good at one point? Feels like he’s the Brazilian Winks, he’s alright but at times he looks a bit pointless. P.S didn’t he get a nasty STI or am I bugging? The women of North London might get this man killed.

Not a bad description from what I've heard. Quite press resistant and ok distributor from what I've seen and read, but doesn't actually offer much else and a poor attitude seems to be the general summary.

I'd be surprised if we aren't linked to him mind you, just because of the lack of options we have.

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Arthur is very average at juve he still young footballer but i don't fancy move for him just like van de Beek he very short in confidence and been performing badly for 2 years

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Im starting to wonder if people have even watched Arthur play. This gives me the same vibes as when people *****ed about Nkunku being a psg failure.
Yes i watch him alot at juve and been dissapointing maybe because the team as whole is mess last 2 years still not impressed with him of course things can change if he move to other team

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On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
meh its a loan and we need cover desperately not against it for 6 month. but hopefully he preform better than he was at Juve.


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Yesss!! This is someone I suggested a while back.

Very talented footballer, don't know what happened at Juve, but there's significant upside here and he's really EXACTLY the type of player we need alongside Thomas.

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