Rumour Arthur Melo


Looks like a very press resistant player and able to bring the ball forward and pass. Will suit Arsenal current style very well. Ode will not need to drop down too much to support since Melo can bring the ball fwd.

Hopefully The stamina problem can be minimised with proper pre-season. Cant survive in EPL without good stamina. Or like Laca initially, sub out at 70mins


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For a guy who is 25, he hasnt played hardly any games at senior level.
I'm not the biggest fan of this one, but I think that 80 games for Juve, Barca and the Brazil national team isn't bad experience wise? He's not exactly a novice - if you're a fringe player at those clubs you struggle for minutes.

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This is the biggest rubbish I ever read about a player. Elite fitness, killer pass loool. Even his own agent couldn’t write these lies

See this is what I’m on about. These Twitter “experts” who look at some heat maps and think they’re the next Piet de Visser.

Imagine using stuff aerial duels as a serious measure of a player :lol:


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Still getting panic in front of needles like a little kid? Piss off with your disgraceful accusations, wacko.

I still don't know what this means since I got my booster in early December along with my two other shots earlier last year. :lol::lol:

But, yes, you outed yourself a few weeks back on here.


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Apparently he’s only played 270 mins in the league this season, that’s three full games, even if he came he’d need a month to get back up to speed.