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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by mephisto, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. mephisto

    mephisto New Member

  2. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    I wasn't expecting such a brilliant write-up.

    Can you believe Tony Adams saying that? It's for show! Our defence is fine tuned, so rantings are at a minimum. Sol does talk when he needs to, and doesn't treat players with disrespect.
  3. Sigun

    Sigun New Member

    has anyone tried to sign Sol from us??

    is he well known in Europe?
  4. mood

    mood New Member

    Ofcourse. He's considered a worldclass defender.
  5. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    Very nice read.

    Thanks for that.
  6. brianfrance

    brianfrance New Member Elite

    Yeah - I was with mates few days ago, we talk about football, and I said Kolo Touré is the best CB of the world, you know, for joking (mm..not sure btw lol) many of them answered "brian you miss Nesta, Samuel, Thuram, Campbell ! "
    They aren't arsenal fans - they don't know who is Kolo (just seen his face in my computer's wallpaper :mrgreen: ) but for us Campbell is one of the best
  7. Gunner4life09

    Gunner4life09 New Member

    ofcourse, Campbell is one of the best center back in the world let alone Europe, he's the best Central Defender in England, the Premiership, without him we wouldn't be unbeaten this season, though Kolo has been a revelation this season but Campbell has been a like a rock every time he plays and has saved us countless times from unecessery goals which we probably would have conceded if he wasn't on dutie.
  8. A.M.A.G.

    A.M.A.G. New Member

    helluva article
  9. KingReyes

    KingReyes New Member Trusted

    that was a great read indeed.
  10. Kyla

    Kyla New Member

    Adrian Durham believes Sol is the most overrated player in the England team in terms of international class. He thinks he isn't in the Terry, Woodgate, Ayala mould of great defender and good on the ball.

    I agree that his distribution is appaling, but he's not there to make things pretty, although saying that means he isn't the COMPLETE defender. Food for thought!
  11. n_henry

    n_henry New Member

    Thanks for the article. Good read indeed. :D
  12. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    The day you listen to Adrian Durham is the day you should be a manc.

    Defenders are there to stop the other team scoring goals. Period. And at that Sol is as good as Ayala and Samuel, who similarly don't piss about.
  13. TitanicSol

    TitanicSol New Member

    That's a very good point.
  14. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    You will always see Sol directing the full backs - Cole and Lauren. He waves his hands quite alot, and he pushes our back line up when needing to hold a high line.

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