Ashley Cole (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by beaney, Apr 15, 2004.

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  1. anesumachoko

    anesumachoko New Member

    the sun is lying he said on the arsenal website that he will play nextweek and the news are just being made by the press due to the buying of boularuz l do not believe a word of it
  2. AGooner

    AGooner New Member

    I can't see Ca$hley going to be honest, since what was agreed between him and Chavski in the infamous hotel meeting, was based on him doing a Bosman. But now there's a fee involved (as the muppet signed a contract extension). That may be part of the reason why Chavski are being to tight, as they thought they'd wait a year and get him for free.

    I think Chavski have more to gain by not signing him than by signing him. They will continue to add to the speculation, the papers will run a new story every week, but in the end the c*nt will still be here still dreaming of getting on the Chavski gravy train.
  3. db10_therza

    db10_therza New Member

    Lol, a fruitless spell at newcastle would be perfect for the **** and his geordie wife...
  4. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    Good grief, I honestly cannot believe this is still going on...

    Sounds to me like Cole's relationship even with Wenger isn't that great...
  5. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Theyve nothing to gain from not signing him. :?
  6. fabregas4 fan

    fabregas4 fan New Member

  7. Tunar22

    Tunar22 New Member

    he is a good player but he is a traitor.we all know he wants to play for chelski,or wants their money.he is nothing more than an idiot for me now
  8. Grampus_Eight

    Grampus_Eight New Member Trusted

    Nonsense. Chelski win almost every which way. If they can't land Cashley, then they've still succeeded in unsettling Cole again, this time permanently and irrevocably. They've also unsettled our preseason preparations from the board down to the players. So nothing to gain from not signing him? Nothing to gain except ensuring that one of our two or three FIFA all-world starting XI players never puts on the shirt again or if he does is hated by his former supporters. Perhaps you missed the effectiveness of this crude Machiavellian ploy just two seasons ago.

    The Boss has seems to have relented on a fee and has come out of said as much as Chelski are always going to win in these situations so long as they always have the option of paying silly money and wages and therefore have the silly ability to sign almost any player in the world at the drop of hat.

    This is basically what the Boss said when referring to Chelski acquiring Khalid the Cannibal Boulahrouz. Whereas Arsenal do not currently have the ability to go out and sign multiple players unless they sell. Otherwise, I'd like to think we might have signed some more reinforcements for this season not just little Motzart. If we didn't need to sell before buying or even had funds available we could have rather easily signed (in no particular order) any number of mid-profile players: Kompany, Andrade, Salcido, Boulahrouz, Appiah, YayaToure, AlouDiarra. Or even the higher profile Sabrosa or Ribery.
  9. Legend#1

    Legend#1 New Member Trusted

    We're not broke, far from it.. If Wenger wanted to buy, he would have, he doesn't need money from sales, he just needs to make sure the players that were planned to be going, were actually gone.


  10. Grampus_Eight

    Grampus_Eight New Member Trusted

    I'm not saying were broke just that we are especially prudent in the transfer market with our current debts and long odds on besting chelsea. Maybe we don't have to sell to buy, but it looks like it in regards to the situations surronding Reyes/Ribery and Cashley/CB-LB.

    I'd really like to think you're correct and I'm wrong, but even if it's not a financial decision, why not bring in a player to replace one on the way out before that player leaves. Had we made Kompany the number two target and signed him the day the window opened, would we not be a much better bargaining position when it came to what to do with Sol Campbell or to accept some fairly generous offers for Pascal Cygan? I think it would have reduced the net cost on the player by at least 2M quid.

    If you read Wenger quotes on the subject, it seems clear that we do not have the money to carry as deep a squad as Chelsea. Do you disagree? I'm not advocating paying Chelski's stupid and sick sort of prices, but Kompany and A. Diarra would very much improve the squad and would be dramatic improvements over Cygan and Flamini/Song.

    Why didn't we table a bid for Kompany, Chivu, A. Diarra if we have money to spend?
  11. choi12911

    choi12911 New Member

    I kind of agree with Grampus. I think we are more cash-strapped than we believe. Wenger has been especially more careful in the market for the last few summers.
  12. The_byrne

    The_byrne New Member

    i think money is available (maybe 10-15) however wenger is very trusting in his youngsters and wants to give them time. Also our budget may double, so thier is no point penny pinching when signing a defender is gallas is still a potential target.

    I would expect cole to go, us to get gallas + 5m-10m, the us sign a central midfielder in january.

    If this lack of transfer activity is what is needed for us to stay solvent then so be it. The rewards will be evident in 5-10 years, despite what the media say and chelsea do the future is just as important as the present
  13. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Fact is , we were never going to buy Diarra, it is just no someone that Wenger would sign . Kompany we would have been interested in 2 years agon but then we got Djourou . People are forgetting that we bought Song reputedly for 4 million pounds. Arsène was never going to spend more on a similar type player.
  14. Djourou

    Djourou New Member

    Song was 4m euros-2,8m pounds
  15. gooner_singh

    gooner_singh New Member

    I love how people come up with fantasy football suggestions regarding biying players, there is more to buying a player then just his name, yeah kompany is gud, but how much better is he then djuorou, why buy just for the sake of it. Andrade would not come cheap and neither would chivu, who would be available but wenger doesnt fancy him hence he would not be coming to arsenal.

    For me its just not worth making suggestions for arsenal to buy players, when has wenger actually bought a player that we all felt he should buy, maybe apart from rosicky. He does it in his own way and guess what it works so I dont have a problem in him doing his business and buying whoever he buys. I feel arsenal could do with a midfielder but if wenger has spent 4million euro on song, he must see something in him. As to Diara, he is 24 and would be a good buy, but mark my words mate, the boy Muamba on loan at birmingham will be one hell of a player in couple of years, so I don't see the need 2 buy Diara.Maybe it would help short term, but wenger does not think shor term it is always long term with him.

    Expect the likes of aliadiere, hoyte, the young dutch lad and couple of other youngsters to come out of the shadows and be like new signings.

    Don't lose heart, my fellow gooners, things might not look good right now to many of us but we will be fine and first year at the Grove will be a successful one.


    EMIR8_SOLDIER New Member

  17. anesumachoko

    anesumachoko New Member

    l feel that people have unfairly criticised wenger for lack of activity in the transfer markert but look ,if he bought a player of diaara's quality he would want to play and would have a problem with gilberto at the same time people forget that lauren can equally play the dm role so wher do ypu want wenger to him or eboue if he signs a new dm.song and flamini are young enough to play in cameo appearances,people want a new striker but imagine we have walcott,aliadiare,reyes, rvp,titi,in the midfield we have a lot of players who equally want to play so they is no need for to sign players for the sake of it and creating mayhem in the dressing room
  18. Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses Well-Known Member

  19. MancunianGunner

    MancunianGunner New Member

    Mourinho the cheeky ****er is suggesting a straight swap with gallas. He knows we're not gonna accept a humiliating offer like that and he still says it. their footballing skills might be somewhat equivalent, gallas might even be slightly better. but he is older than cole, he's not english and he's only got a year left on his contract. chelsea are just taking the piss now. actually starting to feel a bit sorry for cole (never thought that would happen) they are just toying with him. same with reyes and Real. hope the other younger players in the team have learned something from this and not go down the same road years later.
  20. shaz

    shaz New Member

    this is exactly my point! face it guys... we're broke...why else would be need to sell players before we can actually buy them? it doesnt make sense... why are we waiting to sell cole before we get gallas or davies or whoever the **** were supposed to be linked with.

    although some people give a **** about big name players (and we got ours this summer in rosicky), some would just like 2 or 3 other established but not necessarily big name players to ADD to the squad. this means we have a squad with cole and reyes AND some new guys.

    how does one improved the squad when it losses 4-5 of its best players and then only gets 1 as a replacement? what a load of crap.
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