Ashley Cole (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by beaney, Apr 15, 2004.

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  1. regele

    regele New Member

    Grosso had already signed for Inter before the WC begun, but Chivu or Abidal would be great.
  2. 19711998

    19711998 New Member

    Barcelona won the Spanish league & Champions League with van Bronkhurst. need I say more. Chav lover Cole can fu ck off
  3. regele

    regele New Member

    heh, I think the keyword there was Highbury, we don't play there anymore, so Allyboy's definently right :wink:
  4. Allyboy

    Allyboy New Member Elite

    Yeah thats where I was coming from rtc! :p
  5. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    :lol: :lol: :lol: old habits die hard.
  6. Wednesdayware

    Wednesdayware New Member

    Time to start making bets with the less bright Chelsea fans, something along the lines of

    "I bet you 100 pounds Chelsea will not beat Arsenal at Highbury this season".
  7. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    I think Drogba is quality though :lol:

    Ahh yeah I know but c'mon. Bridge will never get back into that Chelsea side, its more like saying Cygans as good as Terry :p
  8. gun4glory

    gun4glory New Member

  9. gun4glory

    gun4glory New Member

    They're Chelsea fans! Why you being so nice!?

    Have 'em borrow from RA!
  10. smokin

    smokin New Member

    doesnt it bother anyone that we wont have a single english person in the best 11 ?

    it does me.
  11. Jkreffer

    Jkreffer Member Trusted

  12. smokin

    smokin New Member

    Because i think English players add something that foreign ones just do not, and its obviously not talent, just raw grit.

    There was a reason the back line used to be incredible and alot of it was around this. Wenger has been quoted himself saying he always wanted to keep an english core, and needed to, and its now long gone and i think it shows in those Bolton-esque type games.
  13. karl

    karl Well-Known Member

    Why is Gallas so desparate to get away from Chelsea though? Maybe he wants to leave the premiership anyway.
  14. Number8

    Number8 New Member

    You try telling that to Lauren, Kolo, Cesc and RvP.
  15. flaunt

    flaunt New Member Trusted

    A person doesn't get to choose where he's born. But if nationality can be awarded due to spirit, courage, honor and outstanding contribution to one nation, Ashley Cole would not rank in one of those criteria.

    The "best" English talent Arsenal have developed have all made their personal agenda's more important than the club.

    There was Jay Bothroyd - a player who was on the fast track to stardom until he stupidly thought that his status allowed him to abuse the coaches. Deadly sin: Anger (& stupidity)

    There was Jermaine Pennant - a player who was on the move to the first XI until he stupidly found that having "bottle" & "spirit" was better consumed. Deadly sin: Gluttony (& stupidity)

    There was David Bentley - a player who has the talent, but also the conceit. He bought into his own hype and lost sight of long term goals to pursue short term ones. Deadly sin: Pride (& stupidity)

    Ashley Cole - proof that every man has his price. Deadly sin: Greed (& being an absolute ****).
  16. Jameel46

    Jameel46 New Member

    i don't think that anyone can argue with that.
  17. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    Anybody got an idea how much it would cost to sign/buy-out his contract Gallas now that he has one year left on his contract? How does this work, is it like between a Bosman and regular signing?
  18. bazza_afc

    bazza_afc New Member

  19. smokin

    smokin New Member

    i know no one can choose where there born and i know there have been failures but thats no reason to give up.

    The fact that its the ENGLISH premier league doesnt make you think we should at least have 1 english player in the starting XI ?

    I love every player we have but i still think we should have someone.
  20. Mbaki Mutahaba

    Mbaki Mutahaba New Member Trusted

    Taiwo(Nigerian) is very good. Saw him play couple of times. He has got some killer shot..and is always ready to push up. Fcuk Cole..let him go to Chelsea if he wants to. I would have supported his move to Real Madrid..but Chelsea..with all the trash they heaped on him...sh* what a whore.
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