Ashley Cole (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by beaney, Apr 15, 2004.

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  1. usheray

    usheray New Member

    I would still appreciate it if he signs a central midfielder
  2. vanderguy

    vanderguy New Member

    Cashley is ****, if you search ashley cole on youtube all you get is him and tweedy example hottest celeb couple etc,is he a football player or a media *****,personally i think his wife has not helped in this matter at all.She wants to be with joe cole,terry,lampard,philips,wifes :?
  3. Beany

    Beany ITK Elite

    She wants to get her ginger nut seen to if you ask me.What a classy bird. One day she's sink estate material, next day she's slapping some poor toilet assistant about. Love to be a fly on their wall..

    "Ashley you c**t (biff) I wanna buy my slapper kit down the Kings Road (whack) and prance around on Roman's boat (pow!) Cos it's bigger than victoria's boob job...
  4. >YounGunner<

    >YounGunner< New Member

    SWP and 10million mabe would be a great deal for us. We would have one of the most talented wingers in the world plus 10million to find a replacement for Cole. Obviously not spending all of it.

    Thats if Chelsea are not willing to pay 30million.
  5. Mbaki Mutahaba

    Mbaki Mutahaba New Member Trusted

    Thats what I luv about posters in this forum. Say this on one thread and completely contradict themselves on the next thread.
  6. db10_therza

    db10_therza New Member

    Eh? LB or RB could easily lose u matches if the team you are up against play primarily through pacy techincal wingers. What on earth are you on about? I distinctly remember Lennon tearing Flamini to shreds and were it not for the fact that Sp**s are basically ****e we could have conceded a few in that first half. Ditto if up against Ronaldo, Robben, J Cole etc.

    When you consider that fullbacks possibly made the most notable contribution throughout the world cup, making the difference between a good italy and a great italy, I honestly cant understand this comment. Yes we have replacements but they dont have enough experience to know when to bomb forwards, when to track back etc.
  7. Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses Well-Known Member

    Chelsea left-back Wayne Bridge wants to quit the club because of the possible arrival of Ashley Cole. (Various)

    now that's funny :lol:

    Drogba, Crespo, Gallas, Duff(already left) all want to quit chelsea.. Bridge has joined the list
  8. flaunt

    flaunt New Member Trusted

    I think Wayne Bridge could act as adequate cover in the meantime if we're looking for LB's. I wouldn't shell out anything more than 5-6 million, but I think he could do a job for us.

    Who knows, he might actually fulfill the potential he had early on in his career.

    Currently he's not Arsenal quality, but he is Arsenal backup quality.

    EDIT: Chelscum paid 7 mil for Bridge. We shouldn't pay more than 2-3 mil for him then. Plus, if he wants to leave Chelsea for 1st team, can't say he'd deserve 1st team action here either.
  9. visitor99

    visitor99 New Member

    You missed Lampard.

    Lampard to Barcelona for next season will be the next big, drawn out transfer saga over the next year. Like Henry over the previous year. The story has real substance and a move is a real possibility. A lot can happen over a year, but at this point in time some well placed sources have Lampard wanting to go and Barcelona wanting him. Same as Henry a year ago.
  10. bojed

    bojed AM Resident Joker #1 Trusted

    hmm wayne bridge is not a bad option...

    he was superb before his injury but he still can't beat cole eventhough he's in full throttle mode...
  11. kooldawg

    kooldawg New Member

    Read in BBC rumours that Barca dropped their interest following Lampards miserable world cup showing. About time, i never thought that Barca would go for a player like Lampard.
  12. Number8

    Number8 New Member

    Wow, 37 pages of this…

    Guess the attention-whore Cole is getting his wish.

    To be honest I’m rather surprised that there’s actually a mixed opinion on this whole issue. I thought it would be 37 pages of slagging him off more than anything else.

    For all those people that are hoping Cole, Arsenal and us (the fans) can sort out our differences and move on and continue building on our youthful team, I really do not understand where you’re coming from.

    Lets just look at the facts. Cole snuck behind the clubs back and attended a meeting with those thugs at Chelsea. That’s his first and most important crime. I’ve heard several arguments pro-Cole. That he had a verbal agreement with the club and that they went back on their words. Fair enough, I can understand that he’s upset about it, but there are other ways to show your displeasure at the way the club is treating you. He isn’t the only player in the world that has had problems with the board or the management. It happens week in week out, usually for footballing reasons (like being a bench warmer or being played out of position). This time it was for money. We have to accept that money is one of the main motivational factors for any job, football included. So Cashley has a reason to be upset. That taken into account, there are other ways he could have dealt with it. Simple thing to do was make your reasons for wanting out clear and hand in a transfer request. That’s what Gallas did, he said he doesn’t like playing out of position and also that he wants to move out of the Premiership. Fair enough. What our little left back did was break the rules, go behind the clubs back and try push his price up.

    Arsenal didn’t break any rules on going back on his salary, they might not have acted in the most ethical manner, but they certainly didn’t break any rules. This guy broke them, and then he expects the club he tried screwing over to stand up for him. I just don’t understand the logic in that. The club didn’t stand up for him, but they didn’t exactly publicly humiliate him either. Remember what Mourinho and the I.Q test? If anything Cole deserved exactly that. I don’t see why he’s complaining.

    I think this is enough reason to throw him out of the club, the auto-biography nonsense doesn’t really interest me. For me backstabbing the club I love is more than enough to detest him. But fair enough, some of you aren’t as ruthless as I am and decided to give him a second chance.

    He then goes on with the publicity nonsense with his girlfriend. This was enough to get Beckham booted from United. Fergusson didn’t like him getting big headed and looking like a pansy in the papers. He wanted back-page headlines. He felt that United’s image is suffering with all this nonsense about Posh and Becks. Fair enough. Don’t you think Cole is doing a similar thing with Arsenal? The tabloids already have it in for us, Cole is just fueling it. Ofcourse, he is completely within his right to do whatever he pleases in his free time (I’m talking about his photo-ops with girly magazines, not his accusations about being a salad-tosser, that stuff really has nothing to do with this); but Wenger and Arsenal have the same right to not tolerate this. Against, they haven’t been as ruthless as Cole makes him out to be. If he was at any other club he would have had a serious arse-whooping. He didn’t at Arsenal.

    After all this nonsense, he allegedly has the balls to openly criticize Arsenal for the way they conduct their business. Its not a case of this being the last straw, this is just more reasons to kick him out, meeting with Chelsea was the first and last straw for him.

    Lets look at Cashley’s defense. “I always give 100% on the pitch”. I hope he realizes that Arsenal pay 100% of his wages, so really, 100% on the pitch is the least we can expect from him. Not much of an argument is it?

    I’ll admit that Cole is a very gifted footballer. There’s no point doubting that. But football is so much more than 11 players kicking a ball around. It’s full of passion and commitment. Arsenal is becoming a globally recognized club with passionate supporters scattered all over…not just England. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people that follow the clubs every move. Hundreds of thousands of fans that stick with the club through thick and thin. Hunderds of thousands of fans that feel on top of the world when the club do well and feel rock bottom when they don’t. We’re one with the club, without us the club is nothing and without the club we’re nothing. Cashley has decided to take this and take a massive dump all over it.

    Enough is enough, lets just milk him for all he’s worth and send him packing. I’d rather see someone like Clichy wear the shirt with pride (even if he thinks its Francenal and not Arsenal).

    I hope Wenger, Dein, Cole, Cole’s agent, his Lawyers, his PR, his mother-in-law. **** it, I hope the whole world is reading this and he’s sent on his way.
  13. titihk

    titihk New Member

    Frankly speaking, A.Cole is not that good enough in our team, but another question is how to find a good and probably inexpensive replacement...
  14. gunner_down_under

    gunner_down_under New Member

    we already have a replacement in Clichy and in a couple of years, Traore.......sell the **** for 30mill.
  15. Zico

    Zico New Member Elite

    If Mourinho's willing to pull a deal similar to the one that effectively exchanged Essien and Tiago I wouldn't be too unhappy. A net transfer fee of 20 million to Arsenal, with Bridge coming and A$hley going would help me sleep at night.

    If Wenger could then transform some of that income into Heargreaves, then we're laughing.
  16. vin de guerre

    vin de guerre New Member

    I just cannot wait to get the new season going. Things are a bit drepressing in my neck of the woods. As for Mr. Cole, I hope we can get rid of the cancer ASAP and make lots of money!
    All the best to all you gooners no matter where in the world!
  17. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa Well-Known Member Trusted

    Exactly. People say "It's only a left-back" but this is pretty much those who fail to see the whole picture. A defence is a unit and that includes RB & LB. You also have to take into account the fact that Cole is now our most established senior defender at the highest level and we have to be certain that we'll be able to compensate for his loss in terms of his influence (one of the few talkers on the pitch) and not just his ability.

    Selling him cannot be a snap-decision. As Bergkamp recently said, he is still extremely well respected by his fellow team-mates. Wenger said nothing will happen this week obviously because he wants to wait for the player himself to return to training so he can have a conversation with him about whether he wants to leave, before making any decision. I think he'd rather hear this from the player than from newspapers.
  18. nidza7

    nidza7 New Member

    If Cashley is determined to leave then I`m sure his agent had spoken to Wenger already.
  19. Fallen_Angel

    Fallen_Angel New Member

    Wenger? Hmm.

    Criticising Arsenal. Hmph.

    You really can **** off then.
  20. RockyRocastle

    RockyRocastle New Member Trusted

    Great post fella.

    There are two types of Arsenal fan when it comes to the Cole issue.

    There are those who simply watch us to be entertained and becasue we play nice football, and so want us to keep all our best players no matter what they have done, and dont want us to sell to Chelsea.

    Then there are those who realise that this is more than just being about football, and what Cole is doing goes against what our club stands for.

    Arsenal Football Club are a million times bigger than a little chav **** from some ****hole London estate.

    Chelsea 'football club' are a circus. No history, no tradition, no nothing.
    They are a joke, and will be remembered as so in the coming years.
    Let Cole go to them, they are going to win the league this year with or without him for at least the next two or three years anyway. But so what? It wont mean anything, and they still will be in our shadow.

    I would rather have our 13 league titles, 10 FA Cups, two doubles, the unbeaten season, the golden era of the 1930's, the legend that is Herbert Chapman who changed the way football was played forever. I would rather have Charlie George and Liam Brady, Rocky and Tony Adams, WHL 71, Anfield 89, Old Trafford 02, WHL 04. I would rather have the Hill-Wood's, a link with our glorious past than a spastic looking Russian criminal, who is using money stolen from the Russian people to fund his little play thing. And I would rather have Arsène Wenger, a true gent who continues to deliver fast, exciting football played by a young, vibrant team full of potential than a team full of mercenaries, managed by a slimey little ****, playing boring, functional football. Cole will fit right in.

    **** him than **** them.
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