AST Forum With Josh Kroenke (16:30 BST)


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What a ****show of answers.

Best thing he did was even showing up, but those are some of the worst answers I've seen. They aren't even good at PR.

Blood on the Tracks

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The relationship between the Kroenke clan and Arsenal fans has never been there from day 1.

They've shown something between disinterest and contempt towards the fans the whole time they've been here.

Josh and his father need to understand they'll never be any bridge building as far as the fans are concerned.

Fortunately for them they don't really care about Arsenal fans so I'm sure they'll be happy to carry on exactly how they have been.

They're nothing short of parasites. Actually they're worse because even parasites don't drag their hosts name through the mud, while they're bleeding their life from them.

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