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Aston Villa: Unai Enemy


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If we win the Europa Conference and hang on to 4th then it'll be our best season since 1982.

1996 we won the league cup and finished 4th. But that wasn't CL qualification at the time so I think this would top it.

You finished 2nd in the first Premier League season too, so a bit unlucky not to play Champions League football since the league rebranded.

If qualification positions started earlier, you could have been one of the first teams in it.

Stevo the Villan

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Stevo, Aston Villa having an excellent season, when you consider that Tyrone Mings has been out since the start of the season. Gutted for him, if he had been playing this season, would surely be in the England Euro Finals. 🟪🟦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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I do drawings of football stadiums, drawing Villa Park at the moment.
I love Mings, but I have to admit that that injury in a strange way may have been a slight blessing in disguise.

I'm not sure Pau Torres would have been used as much early in the season as he was if Mings was fit. And Torres is excellent and absolutely pivotal to how we play

Don't get me wrong, having Mings available would have been huge. Torres was injured as well for a long time so having MIngs ready to step in would have been amazing. But I do wonder if Torres would have played such a big part if Mings was fit.

I think Mings will struggle to be first choice when he's back

PS that drawing is awesome, would love to see the finished product when it's done!

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Absolutely. Don't think Tottenham will be picking up many more points.
This week is huge for them.

Basically if we win one more game then Sp**s can only drop 5 points (including their games this week) or it's done. So if they lose to Chelsea that's 3 points of that tally already. With games against Liverpool and Man City still to come it's hard to see them picking up the points they need.

If they lost to BOTH Chelsea and Liverpool then us beating Brighton would seal it with 2 games to go


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On behalf of the Swedish people i would like to apologize to all the Villa fans for Robin Olsen. He tend to be decent for Sweden but has been crap for years when playing club football.

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On behalf of the Swedish people i would like to apologize to all the Villa fans for Robin Olsen. He tend to be decent for Sweden but has been crap for years when playing club football.

Yeah he’s been mostly very **** for us. Averaged a goal conceded every 30 minutes

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Battered by Sp**s, draws vs West Ham, Chelsea, Brentford, that's not a Top 4 form at all.
Unai is lucky the rest of the league are even worse.

Win vs Man City, two wins vs you guys, win vs Sp**s in the reverse fixture, wins vs chelsea, Brighton, West Ham etc balanced all that out. Thats kind of how football works mate. The league runs for 38 games, not a random selection of 4 games that you’ve picked out there.

We’re set to get 70-73 points. There’s only one season in the past 10 years where that wouldn’t be enough for top 4. It is literally the definition of top 4 form.

You can’t just make stuff up 😂
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