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I don't hate it. A decent season and his value probably goes up a good amount. We'd get **** all for him after a season in the championship anyway.

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Loan plus option kinda risky he might not even start with them just try get 5-7M£


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If the fee is only 5 million, I assume there is a big sell-on clause. 5 million isn't much after his season. He was bought for under 2 million pounds though, so I guess it's an okay return in a short time period.

He was signed in January 2022 and loaned back for 6 months, so I assume he has contract until 2027. This would mean they could try to get him EPL (or more Championship) experience to up his value by a loan, and still have 3 years left so he could be sold for good money.

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£5m is a pretty poor fee tbh.

Wasn't he Birmingham's player of the season last year? Sheffield United will have a bit of cash to burn after getting promoted too.

Liverpool or Man City would have got £10m for him I'm sure.

Best of luck to him anyway.


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Poor source, shouldn't be a green tag.

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Is this a good deal?

Wasn't he, like, actually good on the championship? Seems like the kind of sale Liverpool would get double what we're getting...
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