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    In light of recent developments about a player from Premier League being arrested and until there is an official announcement, ALL users should refrain from discussing or speculating about situations around personal off-pitch matters related to any Arsenal player. This is to protect you and the forum.

    Users who disregard this reminder will be issued warnings and their posts will get deleted from public.

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Not open for further replies.

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I still have an interest in training and development, in the stages that make it possible for players first to acquire technique (between 7 and 12) and then to develop physically (between 12 and 16), then to deepen their mental resilience (between 17 and 19) and finally between 19 and 22 to acquire what is critical, like the roof of a house without which all the rest rots away: intelligence and motivation

Arsène Wenger: My Life in Red and White

2024 Summer Transfers Deadline

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Monday, July 15

Arsenal are planning to make a move for Real Sociedad and Spain midfielder Mikel Merino [Sam Dean - Telegraph]

Bologna have rejected the chance to sign Jakub Kiwior and are waiting for Arsenal to raise their offer for Riccardo Calafiori [il Resto del Carlino]

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