Ballon d'Or 2021

Who deserves the 2021 award?

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Formerly known as Troopz

Messi is the favourite apparently even though based on his overall performances, I don’t think he deserves it this year.

I would go for Karim Benzema.


Formerly known as Troopz
Lewa deserves it.

I wouldn’t mind if Lewandowski wins tbf as he’s been putting up some ridiculous numbers plus he would have won it last season if they didn’t cancel it.


54 goals in 45 games is insane. Even Messi’s stats are brilliant despite playing in that dreadful Barca team.


Formerly known as Troopz

Hopefully we have a chance of winning this new award which is club of the year. Would be great for our Amazon Documentary.



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So tired of this dusted popularity competition. Just a knob polishing gala for either Ronaldo or Messi, should hold no real merit what so ever


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No idea how Messi is the favorite here after winning just the South American FA Cup, the lad got embarrased in the CL and scored 1 goal in the last 4 months.
Lead Argentina to its first Copa America in 30+ years winning every individual award of the tournament. He was the best player in overall stats as per the stats posted by @Troopz


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Copa America became a dusted competition when they started playing it every 2 years so Messi could win it.
God bless Alexis for winning it in 2015 and 2016.
That happened to celebrate the 100th year of the tournament. Even then the rest could have been stat-padding in Nations League, Euro Qualifiers and World cup qualifiers when they play against accountants.


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Wonder when an Arsenal player will make the shortlist again, think Auba making the Top 20 in 2019 was our last one.

Thierry never winning this will always be a bit dodgy though, not sure I want to win it anymore.

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