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Ballon d'Or 2021

Who deserves the 2021 award?

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Reeling from Laca & Kos nightmares
15 goals and 22 assists in PL and CL in 19/20, 3.9 key passes per game...overrated, why? (6 goals 18 assists as an 8 for City in 16/17...)

Probably underrated wrt to players from earlier periods like Lampard and Gerrard whose statistics were inflated by penalties.

Interested to hear what KdB overrated is based on...
Stats out of context don’t really mean much to me tbh. It’s easy to get assists at City theres world class players everywhere and you dominate every match.


Wishes Wrestling Fans Liked Him
Imagine Messi this year was a not messi but some 23 year old winning something for England or w/e and scoring/assisting as he did this year, passing and dribbling like he only messi can do and then imagine everyone screaming lewandowski is so much better and it's unfanthomable that he didn't win :lol:

Arsenal Quotes

I was receiving offers from many other clubs and declining them all, even the most tempting ones. Juventus, Real Madrid, PSG contacted me, Bayern, France, England...I am happy to have been able to say no to more glory, more money, and to have been guided only by the idea of loyally serving the club. I had knitted myself a soul in Red and White.

Arsène Wenger: My Life in Red and White

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