Barcelona vs Arsenal | August 4th | KO: 19:00 BST | Joan Gamper Trophy

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We played so well but still lose. Ah well, that's pre-season over with on to the real stuff!


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Mustafi was only on 5 minutes and undid all that hard work. Repeat of last season. Terrible marking.

Anyway we don’t a CB apparently.


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Good run out. The one thing we have is pace, we have to figure out how to harness it better. Chambers and Sokratis should be starting


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Well we didn't deserve to lose vs Barca, I guess that's a good thing. Now bring in a CB and Tierney!

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I hope we enjoyed the experience of playing at the Nou camp. Last time we'll do that for a while.


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Emery and his annoyingly pragmatic negative subs. Look forward to more of his weirdness during the regular season.


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I actually turned it off at half time and just flick on for replays. I already can't watch games with Xhaka and Mkhi and it's a friendly, bodes well...


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Decent run out. We have to empty our bench in these ones. Mikhi really should go, and Xhaka should not be in the starting line up unless he improves.


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I know it’s easy to slag off Mustafi but he has watched him make that run and left him. Inexcusable.


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More positives than negatives.

Team is taking shape, just a lot of players still missing.
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