Barcelona vs Arsenal | August 4th | KO: 19:00 BST | Joan Gamper Trophy

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Or. Mustafi should have held his position and there wouldn't have been a pass. Also he is looking directly at Suarez in this pic and STILL decided to go forward. Passing his duty on to someone else as usual
Now you're just talking trash. Mustafi makes many mistakes but this was not his fault.


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Now you're just talking trash. Mustafi makes many mistakes but this was not his fault.
If he had gone back instead of forward in that instance would Suarez have been able to score? And im talk about before the pass is made because Suarez did make his move before that.


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You are only saying that because it resulted in a goal.
We want defenders to do the actions that result in the least chance of a goal.
If you honestly think Mustafi should be following Suarez there you are essentially saying you'd rather gamle that a winger can go into our channel, be able to turn INWARDS and face the goal for a potential 1v1 with our CB or a shot in a great position.
Sorry mate but i'm not buying that. This is football at the absolute highest level. You'd get punished hard.
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Nah, Douzi further forward would be disastrous. He'll eventually settle being the holding midfield player.
Douzi isn’t creative enough or skillful enough to play in the 10, I see him more as a defensive midfielder. He needs to develop better defensive positioning.

For the Newcastle game, assuming pepe’s not fit, I’d go

Monreal/Kola, Sokratis, Holding, AMN
Ceballos Torreira willock
Laca Auba Özil

If Pepe is fit then willock or torreira goes out and Özil drops back into 10.
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