Worse Deal?

  • Ben White for £50m

  • Harry Maguire for £80m

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Found it:
Despite still thinking it was the right thing to do the 44 year old revealed he told his partner in crime that he wouldn't do it again adding, "I said to Thierry, 'thank you very much but for me it's finished, the penalty like this.' He said 'Okay no problem Robert.'"

Pires could only tell me that Danny Mills had sworn quite violently at him when running up to remonstrate over the penalty but he did remind me that he'd actually won the game from the penalty spot earlier in the match adding, "We won the game against City 1-0 and I scored the penalty, so it's funny."

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Been telling you for years that one or two Arsenal players were on AM.

This is normal if you’ve been in a club, I always googled my name when I was with Villa.
You was at Villa but disrespecting Tammy who put up 25 goals to get them promoted. Still mad the academy director called you tubby?


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Carragher seems to take it the right way, being destroyed by Henry multiple times.

He respects Henry and talks highly of him… and speaks the truth e.g saying he was scared playing against Henry and the invincibles.

That’s what a real man does.
Even that cock John Terry is big enough to admit the same. It's always the deluded ones who got lucky enough to reach the heights they weren't meant for that have always got the most **** to say...


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Wouldn't you play him next to Partey? Or he doesn't have the engine to play CM? I think he has better attributes to play CM than CB.

On that video he reminds me to Rafa Márquez. He indeed so good technically that seems a waste to play him CB. But Rafa played there majority of time so maybe it's better if he plays CB.
The times I watched Brighton last season he was mostly playing as a DM/CM. I think it's potentially his best position.
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